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Soil Conservation I: Introduction

Author(s) or contact(s): M. Curran
Source: Resource Practices Branch and Regional Operations
Subject: Soil Conservation
Series: Brochure
Other details:  Published 2012. Hardcopy is available.


Healthy soil is essential for all natural resources.

Soil is a dynamic, porous medium composed of mineral particles, organic matter, organisms, liquids, and gases.

Soil is the foundation of terrestrial life, and intact, healthy soil is essential for aquatic life and clean water supplies. Maintaining forest floor, topsoil layers, and soil structure is necessary for maintaining healthy, intact soil ecosystems that support long-term plant productivity and hydrologic function (the soilís capacity to receive, store, and transmit water). Thus, all Crown land, above-ground natural resources, and aquatic resources are dependent on maintaining intact, healthy soil. Throughout history entire societies have flourished and/or vanished in part based on how well, or how poorly, they have treated the soil. Soil develops (recovers) very slowly, over thousands of years or longer.

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Updated April 10, 2012