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Arriving at remedial measures - rangeland health brochure 2

Author(s) or contact(s): BC Ministry of Forests - Forest Practices Branch
Source: Forest Practices Branch
Subject: Range Management
Series: Brochure
Other details:  Published 2002. Hardcopy is available.


Assessment of range resources is fundamental to applying management. It must provide meaningful information and feedback that is critical for managers to carry out their responsibilities. The step from assessment to selecting and implementing remedial measures can be difficult. In addition to the large number of practices available, there is great variability in their suitability in different environmental settings. This variability affects the potential success of each practice. Additional constraints influence the decision-making process, including economic, social, and legal considerations.

Managers and field personnel need meaningful and readily accessible information to address problems on upland and riparian ranges. They may also find a decision-making model to be of special merit in choosing among the many tools available for rehabilitating rangeland. The Ministry of Forests has provided this brochure as an educational resource for technicians, agrologists, and range officers, as well as related administrative staff.

This brochure is the second in a series on monitoring and assessing range upland and riparian health and in determining management options for remediating unhealthy or at-risk range.

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