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Coastal black-tailed deer study: how black-tailed deer react to logging in their winter habitat (No. 3 of 5)

Author(s) or contact(s): BC Ministry of Forests - Research Branch
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Wildlife
Series: Brochure
Other details:  Published 1996. Hardcopy is available.


Coastal Black-Tailed Deer Study

The Integrated Wildlife and Intensive Forestry Research (IWIFR) program was initiated to investigate forestry effects on deer populations and to provide a sound basis for future wildlife and habitat management recommendations. Through IWIFR’s Vancouver Island Deer Project, we spent 9 years deciphering movement patterns and habitat use of black-tailed deer. We also looked at the effects of winter habitat removal and the effects of predators. As well, we incorporated deer movement patterns and habitat use in a model of deer habitat quality. The results were compiled in a publication entitled "Deer and Elk Habitats in Coastal Forests of Southern British Columbia" (Nyberg and Janz 1990). The results are also summarized in 5 brochures: Decoding Deer Movement Patterns; Clarifying Habitat Use; How Black-tailed deer React to Logging in their Winter Habitat; Habitat and Predator Concerns; and Habitat Assessment and Planning.

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