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Integrated Land and Resource Registry

  • Index - information on 250 different legal interests on Crown land (tenures, regulated uses, land and resource use restrictions, and reservations), visually represented on a map.



Land Information BC (includes some older MSRM webpages)


Reports by Other Agencies

  • Canadian Forest Service Publications
  • Canadian Species at Risk (Cdn Wildlife Service - COSEWIC)
  • COFI Forestry Statistics

  • Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management
  • Field Guide to Noxious Weeds and other Selected Weeds of British Columbia
  • Forest Entomology Textbook - Fetch 21
  • Forest Investment Account (FIA)
  • Forest Renewal BC - Reports
  • Forest Stewardship Plans
  • Fraser River Estuary Management Program
  • Guide to Agroforestry in BC
  • How to Prune Trees (USDA Forest Service)
  • International Union of Forest Research Organizations  (IUFRO)
  • Landowner's Guide to Building Forest Access Roads  (USDA Forest Service)
  • Managing your Woodland
  • Ministry of Finance & Corporate Relations - includes: Estimates, Public Accounts, BC Economic Review & Outlook, and the Provincial Budget
  • Plant Disease Control (Oregon State University Extension)
  • PNW Insect Control Handbook (OSU Extension)
  • PNW Weed Management Handbook (OSU Extension)
  • Silvics of North America
  • Species & Ecosystems at Risk in British Columbia
  • Terrain Classification System for British Columbia
  • US Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry
  • USDA Forest Service
  • US Geological Survey
  • Wood handbook - wood as an engineered product.  (USDA Forest Service)
  • Woody Plant Seed Manual (USDA Forest Service)
  • World Health Organization
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    Royal Commissions of Inquiry, Forestry

    • Timber and Forestry (1909 - 1910) - Fred J. Fulton, Chairman

    • The Forest Resources of British Columbia (1945) - The Honourable Gordon McG. Sloan, Commissioner

    • The Forest Resources of British Columbia (1956) - The Honourable Gordon McG. Sloan, Commissioner
      Volume 1  & Volume 2

    • Timber Rights and Forest Policy in British Columbia (1976) - Peter H. Pearse, Commissioner
      Volume 1 & Volume 2 

    • Forest Resources Commission - The Future of our Forests (1991) - A.L. (Sandy) Peel, Chairman  
      -  Background Papers


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