FRBC Reports
From 1994 to 2002 Forest Renewal BC, a Crown corporation, delivered a variety of programs aimed at supporting the forests and forest industry of British Columbia. The Science Council of B.C. administered the research component. The following documents are final reports from the research and the communities components of Forest Renewal BC.

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Accelerated delivery and selection of weevil resistant sitka spruce / David Cyr

Accessible forest planning tools / Carey Lockwood

Action plan for economic development Cowichan Lake area / George Hanson

Active control of vibration in wood machining for wood recovery / George Wang

Airborne remote sensing of suspended sediment in streams / Arthur Roberts

Alternative forest products: inventory and management strategies for the Sunshine Coast Forest District / Fidel Fogarty

Alternative harvesting on visually sensitive lake viewscapes / Eric Phillips

Alternative thawing regimes and associated handling procedures for freezer-stored planting stock / Robert D. Guy

Alternate timber supply analyses of the Vanderhoof sub-regional planning area: background report to GIS-linked spatial modeling assessment of biodiversity emphasis options / Robert Kennett

Analysis of the forest industry in the Creston Valley / Creston Area Economic Development Society

Analyzing trends in ecological changes in backcountry campsites / Ron Rutledge

Annotated bibliography and database of community and economic development research relating to forestry and forest products in British Columbia / Pierce Lefebvre Consulting

Annual update on population ecology of badgers in the East Kootenay / Nancy J. Newhouse and Trevor A. Kinley

Asexual propagation of trembling aspen (populus tremuloides) / Timothy Conlin

Assessing the controls on soil-n cycling rates and microbial dynamics in CWH ecosystems to develope a computer based soil model applicable to forest management / J.P. (Hamish) Kimmins

Assessing impacts of forest and range management practices on identified wildlife species in the Cariboo Region / Michaela Waterhouse

Assessment tool: how to assess the climate of support for members doing business in your community / John McBride

Avalanche chute mapping using air photos : mapping and rating avalanche chutes for grizzly bears in the Kootenay Region of British Columbia / Garth Mowat

Avalanche paths in TFL 14 : inventory, description, classification and management, final report to Crestbrook Forest Industries Inc. / Michael S. Quinn and James Phillips



Backcountry recreation and mountain goats : a proposed research and adaptive management plan / Steven F. Wilson and D.M. Shackleton

Bat usage of the Weymer Creek Cave Systems on northern Vancouver Island / Martin Davis

Bibliography of community and economic development research relating to forestry and forest products in British Columbia / Forest Renewal BC

Bighorn in our backyard communities working for wildlife : Radium-Stoddart bighorn winter range monitoring and restoration program results 2000-2001 / B. Swann

Biodiversity of Coleoptera associated with interior Douglas-fir / Geoffrey Scudder

Biological control of Calamagrostis canadensis with native pathogenic fungi and deleterious rhizobacteria / Donna E. Macey

Biology, damage assessment and integrated pest management of wood borers in the interior of B.C. / Jerry Carlson

The biology and life history of Schizoempodium mesophyllincola: a new species of eriophyoid mite associated with folair bronzing of Populus trichocarpa and its hybrids / Anthony Edward Hunt

Biology of the spruce weevil Pissodes strobi Peck. in a reciprocal cross plantation at the Kalamalka Forestry Station / John A. McLean

Biophysical structuring of habitats in riparian ecosystems: effects of forest practices / Joseph Daniel Ackerman

Breeding bird survey program in Tree Farm License #14, Invermere Forest District, British Columbia, 1999 / Robert S. Ferguson

Breeding bird survey program in Tree Farm Licence #14, Invermere Forest District, British Columbia, 2000 / R.S. Ferguson

Burns Lake and district fibre retention strategy / Synergy Management Group

Business plan for Kitselas Forest Products Limited / J.M. Taylor Ltd.

Business plan for the production and marketing of wild huckleberry products at Little Shuswap Lake, British Columbia / Bob Isbister & Associates

Business plan: Sk'ain Ventures Ltd. / Kenuc'entwec Development Corporation



Campbell Creek industrial park - wood drying facility feasibility study / Advanced Technology Centre

Carbon dioxide and water vapour exchange above a representative coastal BC forest / T.A. Black

Cavity-nesters: habitat and landscape relationships and the effects of silvicultural systems at Opax Mt. / Walt Klenner

Central Selkirk caribou project : annual report / Nanuq Consulting Ltd.

Central Selkirk caribou project : annual report, October 1997 to April 1998 / Dennis Hamilton

Central Selkirk caribou project : annual report, April 1998 to March 1999 / Dennis Hamilton

Characteristics of early-winter caribou feeding sites in the Southern Purcell Mountains, British Columbia / Trevor A. Kinley

Characterization and utilization of woodwaste ash : a burning question / Todd W. Whitcombe

Chipmunks in the Kootenays : red-tailed chipmunk subspecies simulans / Michael A. Panian

Classification and management of wetland riparian ecosystems / Will Mackenzie

Classification of avalanche chutes in the Albert River drainage / Brad Park and Sheri Petrovcic

Classification of morphology and habitat in high gradient headwater streams in west coast ecosystems / Michael Church

Coeur D'alene salamander (Plethodon idahoensis) in Southeastern British Columbia / I.A. Ohanjanian

Coeur D'alene salamander (Plethodon idahoensis) in the operating area of Wynndell Box and Lumber Company Ltd. / I.A. Ohanjanian

Coeur D'alene salamander (Plethodon idahoensis) inventory / I.A. Ohanjanian

Commercial thinning with cable systems in coastal second-growth western hemlock stands / Marvin Clark

Community forest opportunity in the boundary region / Christina Medley

Community participation and decision-making in the new forest economy / Greg Halseth

Comparison of the patterns of natural disturbances and harvesting and their impact on stand structure and dynamics in coastal and interior cedar-hemlock forests of southern British Columbia / Andre Arsenault

Comparison of three residual distributions of conifers for enhancing ungulate forage and timber values : interim report February 2001 / T.J. Ross

Comparison of three residual distributions of conifers for enhancing ungulate forage and timber values : interim report December 2001 / T.J. Ross

Computer-based decision support tools for biosolids recycling/fertilization in forests: final report to Forest Renewal British Columbia / D. Rowell and J.P. (Hamish) Kimmins

Computer support system for making regeneration cutting and tree species selection in B.C.'s forests / Karel Klinka

Concept implementation plan: Cranbrook value added park shared-use facility and manufacturing centre / Community Futures Development Corporation of Cranbrook

Creating a climate of support for aboriginal entrepreneurs in the K/KTC bands / Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Tribal Council

Creating a climate of support for Fort Nelson First Nation entrepreneurs / John McBride and Ray Gerow

Creston-Yahk moose winter habitat analysis / Robert Halko, Keith Hebert and Stephen Halko



Daily caribou movements and forest cover use / Don Roy

Debris flow initiation potential in gullies / Thomas Millard

A decision-support system for evaluation of mixed wood landscape sustainability / J.P. (Hamish) Kimmins

Deer winter range habitat use along the Arrow Lakes, southeastern British Columbia, 1999-2000 / K.G. Poole, B. Park and G. Mowat

Deer winter range habitat use along the Arrow Lakes, southeastern British Columbia, 2000-2001 progress report / K.G. Poole, G. Mowat and B. Park

Deer winter range use and habitat associations within TFL #3 : final report / Rob D'Eon

A degree day hazard rating system for white pine weevil for the interior of British Columbia / Brian Sieben

Detection of unseen forest fires / Khaled Abdolall

Development and calibration of the spatially -explicit model SORTIE for northern interior cedar-hemlock forests / Dave Coates

Development of certified forestry applications using compact airborne spectrographic imager (cast) data / Nick Smith

Development of DNA based pollen contribution assays in conifers / Craig Newton

Development of an ecologically based, integrated management regime for pests of immature lodgepole pine, with emphasis on the lodgepole terminal weevil, Pissodes terminalis / Lorraine Maclauchlan and Julie Brooks

Development of guidelines for managing density, proximity and species composition in birch/conifer mixtures in the southern interior: a retrospective approach / Suzanne Simard

Development of improved seed and vegetative propagule delivery mechanisms / Jack Woods

Development of a predictive model and control strategy for larch needle cast: pilot study/problem analysis / Reed Radley

Development of a preliminary habitat assessment and planning tool for mountain caribou in southeast British Columbia / Clayton D. Apps and Trevor A. Kinley

Development of time domain reflectometry techniques for the reliable and accurate measurement of water in forest soils and organic debris / Nigel J. Livingston

Development proposal for a wood innovation centre / Peter Moonen Communications

Didaht First Nation: shingle mill enterprise feasibility study / Heath J. Krevesky

Distribution and genetic connectivity of tailed frog populations / Linda A. Dupuis

Distribution of Ascaphus Montanus in the Yahk River and neighbouring watersheds / Ascaphus Consulting

Distribution of freshwater fish species / Art Tautz

Disturbance impacts on key processes in high elevation forests: a multiscale approach / Gary Bradfield

DNA mark-recapture methods for inventory of grizzly bear populations in British Columbia : Elk Valley (1996) case study / John Boulanger

Do log sort yards benefit the value added forest products industry in B.C.? / Christian Schadendorf



East Kootenay badger project : 1996/97 year-end summary report / Nancy Newhouse

East Kootenay badger project : 1997/98 year-end summary report / Nancy J. Newhouse

East Kootenay badger project : 1998/99 year-end summary report / Nancy J. Newhouse

East Kootenay Trench Restoration Program: a stand and landscape level fire and successional modeling system for ponderosa pine and interior Douglas-fir forests - final report / Steve Taylor

Ecological assessment of old growth structures in old seral patches near Creston : the interior cedar-hemlock / J.J. Quesnel and H.D. Pinnell

Ecological significance of remnant forest patches within SBS plateau landscapes: diversity, abundance, and habitat relationships of forest birds and mammals / Kenneth Parker

Ecology and management of Douglas-fir at the northern limits of its range: a problem analysis and interim management strategy / Elaine Oneil...[et al.]

Ecology and management of northern forest soils: an international workshop - final report / Megan D'Arcy

Ecology of American badgers near their range limit in southeastern British Columbia / Nancy J. Newhouse

Ecology of tailed frogs and the effects of forest practices / John Richardson

Ecology of the western toad (Bufo boreas) in forested areas on Vancouver Island / Patrick T. Gregory

Economic development strategy: Cowichan region / Urban Systems

Ectomycorrhizal sporocarps in old growth forests in the coastal western hemlock (CWHvm) subzone of Seymour Watershed, Vancouver, B.C. / Sharmin Gamiet

Effect of climate on radial growth of B.C. coastal conifers /  Dan Smith

Effects of block edges and patch retention on vegetation in the SBSmc / Philip Burton

Effects of forest fragmentation on nesting success of riparian and upland forest-breeding birds / James N.M. Smith

Effects of forest harvesting and site restoration practices on soil productivity in montane alternative silviculture system trials (MASS) / John P. Senyk

Effects of forestry on grizzly bear habitat use, population growth, and population persistence / Robert B. Wielgus and Wayne L. Wakkinen

Effects of logging roads and road deactivation on surface erosion and hydrology / Patrick Teti

Effects of partial cutting on incidence and damage by Armillaria root disease / Duncan J. Morrison

Effects of riparian buffer strips on avian communities in coastal forests / Susan Shirley

Effects of riparian management strategies on the hydrology of small streams in the Takla region of British Columbia / Pierre Beaudry

Effects of silvicultural systems on arthropod community structure: the effect of patch retention as biodiversity refugia / B. Staffan Lindgren

Effects of soil compaction and organic matter retention on long-term nutrient supply / Jocelito Arocena

Effects of ultraviolet radiation on stream ecosystems and its links to forestry activities / Max L. Bothwell

Elucidating a resistance mechanism in spruce to the terminal weevil (Pissodes strobi): development of a rapid method for identifying weevil resistant spruce trees / John Manville

Employment and labour force characteristics associated with the Watershed Restoration Program / Randy Sunderman

Environmental monitoring in Tembec's tree farm licence no. 14 : breeding bird surveys, the first three years (1999-2001) / Robert S. Ferguson

Equipment maintenance seminar: Nicola Tribal Association / Hayes Forest Services

Estimating forest patterns and structures from airborne digital remote sensing imagery / Arthur Roberts

Estimating marten population size and distribution using hair catpure and DNA fingerprinting in the Central Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia : final report / Garth Mowat and David Paetkau

Estimating population size of grizzly bears using hair capture and DNA fingerprinting in the Central Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia / Garth Mowat and Curtis Strobeck

The experience of small scale forest based enterprises in northern BC communities / Heather Myers

Evaluation of a biocontrol technique for root disease caused by Armillaria ostoyae / Bill Chapman

Evaluation of chop saw optimizing and operating strategies in BC added-value sector / Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, University of British Columbia

Evolution of the North American home building industry: an opportunity for value added manufacturing investment in BC / Ernst & Young

Experiential methods in landscape assessment for forest resource planning and management / Susan Dakin



Feasibility analysis of forest products business opportunities / J.M. Taylor Ltd.

Feasibility assessment of native plant and hybrid poplar nursery/grow site / Ference Weicker & Company

Feasibility study: Siska Indians Band wood waste businesses, phase 1 / All Nations Development Corporation

FFIP-MM -- Fish forestry interaction program management model : draft user's guide / ESSA Technologies

Final report for Kenna Cartwright Park restoration / Catherine Tarasoff
- executive summary
- list of appendices
- appendix 1
- appendix 2
- appendix 3
- appendix 4
- appendix 5
- appendix 6

Fire history and ecology of interior Douglas-fir forests in B.C. / M.C. Feller and K. Klinka

Fish-forest interactions with eulachons and herring: elemental analysis (forestry impact issues concerning euclachons, herring and other key aquaitc species relative to biodiversity and first nations interests) / Doug Hay

Fish forestry interaction project -- management model (FFIP-MM): preliminary model description and an application to Carnation Creek, British Columbia / Clint A.D Alexander, Timothy M. Webb, David R. Marmorek

Forecasting impacts on environmental indicators in forest watersheds / Nancy Densmore

Forest management impacts on hydrological processes in watersheds: a modeling study / John Nelson and Frank Heinzelmann

Forest Products Society "Value-Added Wood Products" Industry Focus Session: final report / J. David Barrett 

Forest sector profile for Sayward / John Caswell

Forestry-based community sustainability auditing / Gerald Walter

Forestry development feasibility assessment: Village of Hazelton / Lions Gate Consulting

Frankia spore type distribution in southwestern B.C. / Chris Chanway

FRBC Library Consortium Access Project: comprehensive strategy - final project review / Susanne E. Barker



Genetic diversity in minor B.C. species / Yousry El-Kassaby

Genetic engineering of sterility in Picea: year one final report, May 1, 1996-April 30, 1997 / Dave Ellis and Margarita Gilbert

Genetic enhancement of blister rust resistance in western white pine / Peng Li, Craig Newton and Ben Sutton

Genetic relationships among wood quality, growth rates and seedling physiology in interior lodgepole pine / Sally Aitken

Genetics of mountain hemlock / Yousry El-Kassaby

Genome mapping and marker-assisted selection for tree improvement / John E. Carlson

Geosynthetics for soil stabilization / Jonathan Fannin

Global modeling of wood drying in radio frequency/vacuum kilns: final report and user workshop report / Wolfgang Hoefer

GPS radiotelemetry error and bias in mountainous terrain / Robert G. D'Eon, Graham Smith and Christopher O. Kochanny

Grizzly bear habitat and population fragmentation in the Central Selkirk Mountains and surrounding region of southeast British Columbia / Michael Proctor

Grizzly bear habitat in the South Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia / G. Mowat, D. Fear and K.G. Poole

Grohman/Baldface Creek wildlife habitat inventory / Kris Hurlburt, Garth Mowat and Dave Stanley

Grohman - Baldface watershed : using remotely sensed and geographic information system data to support wildlife habitat inventory / G. Smith

Growth and yield studies of partially-cut Fdi stands in the Merrit TSA / J.S. Thrower and Associates.



Habitat associations of American badgers in Southeast British Columbia / C.D. Apps, N.J. Newhouse and T.A. Kinley

Habitat classification in the Kootenay Mountain Region of British Columbia : a comparison of remote sensing methods / Elizabeth Elaine Dickson 

Habitat mapping pilot project : Hoder Creek Drainage, TFL#3 / Rob D'Eon

Habitat modeling for American badgers in the East Kootenay Region of British Columbia / Clayton D. Apps and Nancy J. Newhouse

Habitat requirements of marbled murrelets on Vancouver Island and the effects of forest harvest practices / Alan Burger

Habitat requirements of vulnerable char populations / Gordon Haas

Habitat selection and seasonal movements by mule deer in the Lemon Creek drainage, Sotheastern British Columbia, 1999-2000 / Kim G. Poole, Rob Serrouya and Rob D'Eon

Habitat selection by moose in the East Kootenay : 2001-2002 progress report / K.G. Poole and K. Stuart-Smith

Habitat use by bats in the Nimpkish Valley / Scott Grindal

Haida Gwaii cedar oil production project / Skidegate Forestry Society

Hardwood product manufacturing in the interior of British Columbia: a proposed model for production and results of an aspen milling trial / John Johnston

Hazelton natural resource strategy: cluster assessment / Lions Gate Consulting

Hazelton natural resource strategy: current situation assessment / Lions Gate Consulting

Hazelton natural resource strategy: marketing plan / Lions Gate Consulting

High-elevation site-productivity study / Karel Klinka

High resolution topographic mapping using airborne laser scanning technology / John E. Barker

Hydraulic refugia of stream organisms from floods / John Richardson



Identification of important commercial broadleaf tree pests / John Henigman

Impact of changing disturbance regimes and patch size on stand structure of interior and coastal high-elevation forests / Roberta Parish

The impact of commercial thinning on genetic/species diversity / Yousry El-Kassaby

Impact of vine maple on forest soils, nutrient cycling and growth of conifers in southwestern BC forests / Margaret Schmidt

Impacts of winter harvesting practices on the snowpack profile and its thermal qualities, on soil micro-climate, on soil organisms, and on soil processes / Rhian Evans et al.

Implications of stand structure and landscape patterns: the northern flying squirrel as a test species / Katherine L. Parker

Improved propagation of yellow cedar from seed: mechanisms underlying dormancy and approaches to improve germination / Allison Kermode

Index of old-growthness for two BEC variants in the Nelson Forest Region : final report / Rachel F. Holt, T.F. Braumandl and D.J. Mackillop

Indian River Valley forest tourism stewardship and development plan / Tsleil-Waututh First Nation

Inferring the response of berry-producing shrubs to partial cutting in the ICHmc / Philip J. Burton

Influence of commercial thinning on flying squirrel populations in spotted owl conservation areas (SOCA's) / Thomas Sullivan

Influence of initial spacing on wood quality of western hemlock, western red cedar and Douglas-fir / Simon Ellis

Influence of silvicultural systems and diversionary foods on vole populations and damage to forest plantations / Thomas Sullivan

Influences of riparian reserve strips and insect defoliation on instream temperature regimes and fish biodiversity / Max Blouw

Influences of the size of riparian reserve strips on stress and immunological function, effective population size and genetic diversity in salmonid fish populations / Daniel D. Heath

Innovative connections for prefabricated heavy timber construction / Helmut G. Prion

Inonotus tementosus as a natural gap-forming agent: the relationship of root disease incidence to site and soil features / Kathy J. Lewis

Integrating mountain caribou requirements and forest management in wet belt ecosystems / Bruce McLellan

Inventory and classification of avalanche paths in Tree Farm Licence #14, Invermere Forest District, British Columbia / Robert S. Ferguson and Bruce Pope

Inventory and cover type classification of avalanche paths near Canal Flats B.C. with habitat interpretations for grizzly bear : final report / Bruce A. Sinclair and Maureen V. Ketcheson

Inventory of Lewis' Woodpecker (Melanerpes lewis) on Jubilee Mountain Tree Farm Licence #14, Invermere Forest District, 1999 / R.S. Ferguson

Inventory of mountain caribou and their habitat along Kinbasket Reservoir, British Columbia / Bruce N. McLellan and John Flaa

Investigation of the effects of forest harvesting on stream channel width in the central interior of British Columbia / Pierre Beaudry

Investigation of the positional, dimensional, structural and ecological attributes which determine the relative windfirmness of riparian reserves and wildlife tree patches / Craig Delong

Investing in Hazelton: and investor's guide / Village of Hazelton an the Town of New Hazelton

Investment opportunities in Burns Lake / Synergy Management Group

Investor / partner opportunity development e-manual / Synergy Management Group



Kiln Drying Certificate Program / Thomas C. Maness

Kitamaat River 1997 Oolichan (Thaleicthys pacificus) Study / Robert Robinson

Kitselas canyon historic site demand analysis / Teija Wakeman

Kootenay Lake deer habitat use and movement patterns, 2000-2001 progress report / K.G. Poole and B. Park



Landscape level wildlife tree study / Christoph Steeger

The landscape project: final report (April 1, 1995-June 30, 1998) / John Nelson

Landslide inventory and terrain attribute study in the Prince George Forest Region / Brent Ward

Lardeau Valley elk and Kootenay Lake deer habitat use and movement patterns, 1998-2000 progress report / K.G. Poole, B. Park and G. Mowat

Lardeau Valley elk and Kootenay Lake deer travel corridors and winter range 1998-99 / K.G. Poole and B. Park

Lardeau Valley elk habitat use and movement patterns : 1998-2000 progress report / K.G. Poole and B. Park

Large scale mapping of biogeoclimatic subzone variants with rule based methods / Marvin Eng

Lemon Creek mule deer winter range radiotelemetry project : 2000-2001 annual progress report / Robert G. D'Eon

Lillooet Forest District community development action plan / Trevor Chandler

Lillooet/Lytton agricultural opportunities scoping workshop

Linking forestry and community in Tl'azt'en nation: lessons in aboriginal forestry / Annie Booth

Literature review for deer and elk winter range modeling / Garth Mowat

Lodge/resort feasibility assessment: village of Hazelton / Lions Gate Consulting

Log measuring accuracy of cut-to-length harvesters and processors / Bjorn Andersson

Long-term fire histories in a coastal temperate rainforest / Kenneth P. Lertzman

Long term natural disturbance regimes of the ESSF / Richard Hebda

Long term soil productivity / Shannon Berch

Looking after the salmon:  traditional Heiltsuk management of aquatic systems / Nancy Turner

Lot properties of Douglas-fir, hem-fir and spruce-pine-fir dimension lumber / David J. Barrett

Lower Skeena River Eulachon Study / Adam F.J. Lewis



Management of paper birch and birch conifer mixtures in central B.C. / Keith Thomas

MASS: genetic consequences of alternative silvicultural systems for conifer species in coastal montane forests / Yousry El-Kassaby

MASS: growth limitations of regenerating montane conifers in silvicultural systems in coastal montane forests / B. Glen Dunsworth

MASS: impacts of montane alternative silvicultural practices on within stand and soil microclimate/microenvionment / Ross Benton

MASS: indicators of competitive stress in coastal montane conifers / Alan Mitchell 

MASS: indicators of growth limitations of regenerating montane conifers under alternative silvicultural systems / Alan Mitchell

MASS: natural regeneration and vegetation dynamics at the montane alternative silvicultural systems site / William J. Beese

MASS: project coordination for the CFS component of sustainable silvicultural systems for old-growth montane forest of Vancouver Island / Alan Mitchell

MASS: project coordination for the montane alternative silvicultural systems study / William J. Beese

MASS: release of advance regeneration under varying overstory retention in a coastal montane forest / Ross Koppenaal

MASS: seed and seeding diseases affecting natural regeneration at the Montane Alternative Silvicultural Systems site / Paul Monette

Measurement and analysis of genetic differences in experimental forest tree (paperbirch) populations / David G. Simpson

Measurement of forest values and attitudes toward forest management / David Tindall

Measuring carnivore distribution to monitor changes in forest biodiversity : final report / Garth Mowat

Microbial catabolism of lignin related aromatics / Julian Davies

Microbial control strategies for dwarf mistletoe / Simon Shamoun

Mill diversification feasibility study: supply and market assessment / Lions Gate Consulting 

Minding our own businesses: how to create support in First Nations communities for Aboriginal business / John McBride and Ray Gerow

Mineral nutrition of hybrid poplar / Kevin Brown

Modeling for biologically effective designs of riparian corridors as linkages between protected areas / Susan Glenn

Modeling the impact of harvest schedules on biodiversity / B.G. Dunsworth

Molecular assessment of spruce weevil population / Yousry El-Kassaby

Monashee learning and training centre (MLTC) at Lumby BC : business plan 2001 - 2005 / Peter Woodbridge & Associates

Monitor snow accumulations and melt in selection harvest: final report / Kevin Bonnett

Moose habitat selection in relation to forest harvesting in a deep snow zone of British Columbia : winter 2002 / Robert Serrouya and Robert D'Eon

Mountain caribou habitat use and population characteristics for the Central Selkirls inventory project / D. Hamilton

Mountain caribou in the Harrop Procter community forest area / K.G. Poole and G. Mowat

Mountain goat winter habitat use in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia / K.G. Poole and G. Mowat

Multi-scale habitat associations of mountain caribou in the Southern Purcell Mountains, British Columbia / Clayton Apps and Trevor Kinley



Natural and cultural fire history of the central and upper Fraser river valley / Dana Lepofsky

Natural disturbance patterns in the Cariboo Forest Region / Rick Dawson 

Neskonlith Indian Band community based forest enterprise project / Richard Manuel

1996 Elk Valley bear inventory project report / Robert Halko

1997 elk inventory : East Kootenay trench / Interior Reforestation Co. Ltd.

1997 Southern East Kootenay bear inventory project report / Robert Halko

1997/98 year-end summary report : Purcell Caribou project / Trevor Kinley

1998/99 year-end summary report : Purcell caribou project, March, 1999 / Trevor Kinley

Nitrate and ammonium uptake in forest seedlings: preferences and stress interactions / Robert D. Guy

North End Indian Arm marina development: engineer's report inspections and proposals / Villholth Jensen & Associates

Northern goshawk inventory and breeding habitat assessment in Tree Farm License 56 : final report, November 2001 / Marlene M. Machmer

Northern Rockies interior cedar-hemlock and ESSF silvicultural systems research project / Michael Jull

North Indian Arm recreation facilities opportunities for development (Draft) / Karen Peachey

Northwest Bay cougar project / Michael Shackleton



Old growth descriptions and definitions for B.C. / Andy MacKinnon

Opax Mountain Silvicultural Systems Project: ground-dwelling arthropods - habitat and landscape relationships and the effects of silvicultural systems / Walt Klenner

Opax Mountain silvicultural systems project: insectivores - habitat and landscape relationships, and the effects of silvicultural systems / David Huggard

Opax mountrain silvicultural systems project: the long-term effect of small cut-block on ectomycorrhizal diversity at Opax mountain / Daniel Durall

Opax Mountain Silvicultural Systems Project: mice and voles - effects of silvicultural systems and habitat and landscape relationships / Walt Klenner

Opax Mountain Silvicultural Systems Project: sciurids - habitat and landscape relationships, and the effects of silvicultural systems / Walt Klenner



Partial cutting of old-growth cedar/hemlock stands on coastal British Columbia / Raymond Krag

Partial cutting systems research in the interior cedar hemlock zone in root disease infected stands: root disease dynamics component / Eric Allen

Partial cutting with Timberjack/FMG harvesters and forwarders in the Okanagan / Eric Phillips

Pattern of bryophyte and lichen diversity in interior and coastal cedar-hemlock forests of British Columbia / Andre Arsenault

Persistence of forest dependent vertebrates in managed forests / Ann Chan-McLeod

Physiological and behavioural responses of resident stream salmonids to riparian logging practices / Scott G. Hinch

Pilot to develop a methodology for ecologically-based yield analysis / Del Meidinger

Polycross breeding of western redcedar for progeny testing / John E. Barker

Population structure, genetic diversity and breeding systems in subalpine larch and western larch / P.D. Khasa

Predicting long-term landscape changes associated with forest management in the interior wet belt of British Columbia / Donald L. Sachs

Predicting rates of organic matter decomposition of forests and silvicultural systems in B.C. / Cindy E. Prescott

Preliminary analysis of avalanche paths in the Canal Flats area (North White and Lussier Rivers) : final report to Crestbrook Forest Industries Inc. / Michael S. Quinn

Premier Ridge - Diorite terrestrial ecosystem mapping project : volume 1 / Gareth Kernaghan, Keyes Lessard and Maureen V. Ketcheson

Progress report : conservation of badgers in the East Kootenay of BC / Nancy J. Newhouse

Projecting and evaluating the impacts of landscape unit planning scenarios on timber supply and compliance with the FPC biodiversity guidelines / Walt Klenner

Proposed May 1997 survey of breeding harlequin ducks in Dawson Creek Forest Districts / Andrew de Vries

The pulping properties of subalpine fir: part II / Paul Watson

Purcell Caribou project : year-end summary report (abstract only) / T. Kinley

Purcell caribou project rationale and methods : lanscape-level and fine-filter stand-level mountain caribou habitat suitability models / T.A. Kinley



Radium-Stoddart bighorn sheep GPS and VHF telemetry 2001-2002 : summary of activities and data collection January - March, 2002 / Trevor Kinley

Rapid breeding for tracheid characters in interior spruce / Gene Namkoong

Rates of revegetation of gullies following debris flows in coastal British Columbia : implications for fine sediment production / Michael J. Bovis

Recovery action plan for the South Purcells subpopulation of mountain caribou : 3rd draft, February 23, 2001 / Trevor Kinley

A regional frequency approach for estimating design floods in British Columbia / Younes Alila

Relationship between spruce beetle and tomentosus root disease: two natural disturbance agents of spruce /  Kathy J. Lewis

Relationship between tomentosus root disease and partial cutting in interior spruce ecosystems / Kathy J. Lewis

Relationships between aspen site index and measures of ecological site quality / Richard Kabzems

Relative sedimentation impact (RSI) assessment to enhance the utility of the Interior Watershed Assessment Procedure / Doug Lang

Remote sensing of ecophysiological processes / K. Olaf Niemann

Resource use efficiency response in varying environments and its role in maintenance of genetic variance in fitness related traits in lodgepole pine / Gene Namkoong

Response of amabilis fir advance regeneration to light, nitrogen and release from vaccinium competition / Barbara Hawkins

The response of Willow (Salix spp.) to mechanical brush control: implications to winter browsing by moose / Michael P. Gillingham

Restoration of ecological productivity below ground in disturbed, fine textured soils at the Aleza Lake Research Forest / Rhian Evans, Niel Lamont, and J. Daniel Lousier

Retrospective studies evaluating forest productivity and soil conditions on rehabilitated landings, interior BC / Charles Bulmer

Retrospective study of edge windthrow and modeling of windfirming prescriptions / Stephen J. Mitchell

Retrospective study of forest response to natural disturbance for development of silvicultural systems in harsh environment forests of the Prince Rupert Forest Region / Dave Coates

Revelstoke community forest corporation, TFL 56 : northern long-eared bat inventory 2000-2002 / A. Haney and M.J. Sarell

Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation TFL 55/56 presence/not-detected bat inventory 2000-2002 : annual report year 1 of 2 / Silvatech Consulting Ltd.

Review of grizzly bear habitat use and habitat management options for the Kootenay Region of British Columbia / Garth Mowat and Roger Ramcharita

Review of "Socio-economic and environmental impact assessment for land and resource management planning in British Columbia - final guideline for multiple accounts analysis" / Daniel Rondeau

Review of techniques for the identification and classification of avalanche chutes using landsat imagery and remote sensing / K. Misurak and G. Smith

The role of woody debris in soil, forest floor and long-term site productivity in MS, SBPS and SBS biogeoclimatic subzone in the central interior of British Columbia / Bill Chapman



Sayward, B.C. community profile 

Sayward Community Directory - 2002 / Sayward Futures Society

Sayward futures society: final report FRBC initiative #6, community commitment / Valerie Despins

Sayward futures society forest sector tourism plan / Catherine Temple

Scale dependent habitat selection by grizzly bears / Vilis O. Nams, Garth Mowat and Michael A. Panian

Seed production in Abies amabilis seed orchards / John N. Owens

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Second-growth western hemlock product yields and attributes related to stand density / G.R. Middleton and B.D, Munro

Sediment transport processes and channel change in logged and unlogged watersheds, Stuart-Takla experimental watersheds / Allen S. Gottesfeld

Seeing the forest and the trees / Thunderbird Group

Sensitivity of coastal cutthroat trout to the effects of forest harvesting / Eric Parkinson

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Sheppard Creek wildlife habitat inventory / Kris Hurlburt, Garth Mowat and Dave Stanley

Shuswap tourism opportunity strategy: appendix - data dictionary /  Marlyn Chisholm and Associates

Shuswap Tourism Opportunity Strategy / Marlyn Chisholm and Associates

Sicamous Creek silvicultural systems project: ecological niche for seedling establishment in high elevation forests in wet subzones of the ESSF / Gordon Weetman

Sicamous Creek silvicultural system project: the effect of cutlock size on fungal diversity at Sicamous Creek / Melanie Jones

Sicamous Creek Silvicultural Systems Project: relationships between small mammals and downed wood / Walt Klenner

Silviculture investment opportunities: a methodology for identifying key decision variables / Eleanor R.G. McWilliams and Reid E. Carter

Silviculture sheep browse study and extension / Lee Maxwell

Simulating and visualizing forest ecosystem dynamics / David Fracchia

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Slope and road hydrology in natural and disturbed watersheds: Clayoquot Sound / Allan Chapman

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Socio-economic and environmental assessment: systhesis of academic reviews

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A spatial model for response of rare animal species to forest practices: a case study on the spotted owl / Carl Walters

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State of our community: moving sustainability forward / Karen Borsato et el.

Status and distribution of the tailed frog in British Columbia / Linda A. Dupuis and Fred Bunnell

Status, distribution and management needs of the tailed frog in the East Kootenays / Linda Dupuis

Strategic forestry plan 2001-2005: Pacheedaht First Nation / Sterling Wood Group

Strategic forestry plan 2001-2006: Ditidaht First Nation / Sterling Wood Group 

Strategy for measuring biodiversity / Gene Namkoong

Strategy proposal for CSTS members to merchandise timber resources / A.R. Long

Structural characteristics of chronosequences of coastal forests / J.A. Trofymow

Study of the effects of Vision rates and timing on vegetation and white spruce seedlings / Andrea Eastham

Study on the structural strength of student desks and chairs made of western hemlock / Chun Chou

Superheated steam/vacuum drying of B.C. softwood lumber / L.C. Oliveira and J.F.G. Mackay

Survey of wildlife viewing activities / Roger Reid

Synoptic surveys of the effects of riparian management regulations along S5 and S6 Streams on downstream fish habitat / N.T. Johnston

Systematic disease rating of hybrid poplar clonal trials in BC. / Brenda E. Callan



Tahltan joint council: creating a climate of support for aboriginal entrepreneurs / John McBride and Ray Gerow 

Testing and refining biodiversity monitoring approaches / Pierre Vernier, Ann Chan-McLeod, and Fred L. Bunnell

A test of three remote sensing methods to estimate non-productive area proportion for operational adjustment factors / Nick Kleyn

Testing expert based models using marten and lynx in the Central Purcell Mountains of British Columbia / Garth Mowat and Dave Stanley

Thompson-Nicola region tourism opportunities strategy /  Meadfield Consulting Inc.

Thompson-Nicola region value added wood manufacturing opportunities study /  R.J. Bell Consulting

Tourism opportunity development study for Barkley Sound and Port Alberni Region / Heath Krevesky and David Mailloux

Tree improvement: evaluation of somatic embryogenesis for western white pine / David Cyr

A trial of commercial thinning in 90-year-old lodgepole pine in TFL 52 / J.S. Thrower and Associates

Tsitika River sediment monitoring program / Robert Hudson

T'sou-ke Cedar Specialties: business plan / John Kendall and Irv Penner



Ungulate habitat selection in Tembec's Creston operating area, Winter 2001-2002 / K.G. Poole and G. Mowat

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Ungulate winter range delineation for Kalesnikoff Lumber Company, 2000-2001 : progress report / K.G. Poole and B. Park

Ungulate winter range delineation on the Harrop Procter Community Forest / K.G. Poole and G. Mowat

Ungulate winter range delineation on the Harrop Procter Community Forest, 2001-02 / K.G. Poole and G. Mowat

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Upper Arrow and Lake Revelstoke deer and elk winter range inventory : summary of year 1 fieldwork activities February 16, 2001 to March 1, 2001 / Shannon Stotyn, Rob Serrouya and Rob D'Eon

Upper Arrow and Lake Revelstoke deer and elk winter range inventory : summary of year-2 winter fieldwork, February 11 to 28, 2002 / Robert G. D'Eon, Robert Serrouya and Gary Pavan

Upper Penticton creek watershed experiment: the effects of forest harvesting on water quantity and quality in small interior watersheds / Rita Winkler

Upper Penticton creek watershed experiment: effects of road construction and timber harvesting on stream invertebrates / Brian Heise

Upper Penticton creek watershed experiment: the effects of spatial and temporal variation in forest structure on snow accumulation and melt / Rita Winkler

Upper Penticton creek watershed experiment: influences of timber harvesting and road construction on the sediment budget / Tim Giles

Use and availability of woody debris and wildlife trees in aspen and mixedwood forests of northeastern B.C. / Laura M. Darling

Use of lake sediments to assess forest management impacts in medium-sized mountain watersheds / Olav Slaymaker

Using snow-track surveys to determine deer winter distribution and habitat / Robert G. D'Eon

Utilization and management of red alder genetic resources / Gene Namkoong



Variation of carabid community structure associated with forest successional stages at East Barriere lake / Geoffrey Scudder

Vegetation management options for establishment of hybrid poplar plantations and their effect on nutrient cycling / Keith Thomas

Vertical stratification in forest dwelling bat species assemblages / R. Mark Brigham

Village of Sayward waterfront lands review harbour depth analysis, and servicing analysis / R.G. Fuller & Associates

Viral pathogens of forest insect defoliators: identification, characterization, and development of pest management tools / David Levin



Water solution chemistry leached from woody and non-woody humus forms and its effect on soils of coastal British Columbia / Karel Klinka

Welcome to the Boundary Region! / Kerri Medley

West arm demonstration forest: snowline evaluation for the interior watershed assessment procedure / David Gluns

West Kootenay prescribed burns evaluation / Kim Poole and Garth Mowat

West Kootenay ungulate winter range : pilot mapping exercise / Garth Mowat et al.

Whispering Pines Forest Products I-joist plant: business plan / Whispering Pines Forest Products

Wildlife habitat inventory : Conway and Wilson Creek operating areas / Garth Mowat

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Women facing economic transition in forestry communities / Maureen G. Reed

Women's employment in British Columbia forest industry / Louise Wilson

Woodlot 1458 wildlife habitat inventory / Kris Hurlburt, Garth Mowat and Dave Stanley

[Updated: August 2013]