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2.1 Values associated with B.C.’s forests
3.1 Reference heights in metres for the site classes of the major tree species in British Columbia at reference age 50 years
3.2 Species group
3.3 Tree species, actual and displayed area
3.4 Age classes, actual and displayed area
3.5 Site index classes, actual and displayed area
3.6 Mature and immature forest, actual and displayed area
3.7 Trends in coastal and interior harvesting systems
3.8 Current allowable annual cuts for TSAs
3.9 Current allowable annual cuts for TFLs
4.1 General range types in British Columbia
4.2 Range inventory report for the Summit Lake range unit
4.3 Range improvements 1985–1992
5.1 Recreation opportunity spectrum classes
5.3 Visual landscape management phases
5.4 Outdoor recreation participation by activity in B.C. (% annual participation)
7.1 Statistics Canada classification of the forest products industry
7.2 Distribution of plywood capacity as of 1993
7.3 Capacity of pulp and paper mills in B.C., 1993
7.4 Tourism and outdoor recreation expenditures in B.C., 1993 (millions of 1993 $CDN)
7.5 Economic impact of tourism and outdoor recreation to B.C., 1993 (millions of 1993 $CDN)
7.6 Outdoor recreation and tourism expenditures (revenue) by forest region, 1993 (millions of 1993 $CDN)
7.7 Direct employment from outdoor recreation and tourism by forest region, 1993 (thousands)
9.1 Summary of key events and policy initiatives

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