Table of Contents

7.0 Economic Analysis of Timber, Range and Recreation Resources

7.1 Timber Resource
7.1.1 Forest Industry Impacts on B.C.s Economy
7.1.2 Structure of the Forest Industry
7.1.3 Markets for British Columbia Forest Products
7.1.4 Competitive Position of the British Columbia Forest Products Industry
7.1.5 Trends in World Demand for Forest Products
7.1.6 Trends in Global Timber Supply
7.1.7 Global Supply and Demand Balance
7.1.8 Challenges and Opportunities
7.2 Range Resource
7.2.1 The Economic Benefits of Crown Forage
7.2.2 Historical Trends In Forage Demand
7.2.3 Forage Demand Forecast 19941998
7.2.4 Historical Trends in Forage Supply 19841993
7.2.5 Forage Supply Forecast 19941998
7.2.6 Analysis of Forage Supply and Demand
7.3 Recreation Resource
7.3.1 Economic Value of Outdoor Recreation
7.3.2 Outdoor Recreation Values in Provincial Forests
7.3.3 Wilderness Values
7.3.4 Outdoor Recreation Values on Crown Land
7.3.5 Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Economic Impacts
7.3.6 Trends in Participation in Outdoor Recreation in B.C.
7.3.7 Summary: the Economic Value Of Outdoor Recreation in B.C., 1993