Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
FIA Project 6453022

    Nutrient Enrichment of Vancouver Island's Cluxewe River - 2005
Project lead: Cascadia Forest Products Ltd.
Author: Wright, Harlan
Imprint: Nanaimo, Brit. Col. : Ministry of Environment, 2005
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA)
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
Pollock bone meal was applied to the Cluxewe River and monitored for its effectiveness as a nutrient source for stream enrichment. A total of 1,290 kg of fertilizer was applied in the spring to boost primary production through the summer growing season. An additional 570 kg of bone meal, and 1,316 post spawn pink-salmon carcasses were added in September, the latter to provide a direct food source to juvenile steelhead, coho, and trout. The pollock bone meal product was distributed in burlap bags, 10 kg per bag, and placed on the stream bottom beneath large cobbles. Pink salmon carcasses were pitched directly into the stream and allowed to drift downstream during high flows. Effectiveness monitoring in the summer included low-level nutrient water chemistry analysis, periphyton sampling and visual observations in treated and control reaches. Increased algae abundance was evident in sites treated in the spring with pollock bone meal. BC Conservation Foundation, Kwakiutl First Nation and the Northern Vancouver Island Salmonid Enhancement Association were involved with fertilizer applications, carcass distributions and effectiveness monitoring.


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