Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
FII Project R04-077

    Monitoring and information reporting standards for SFM in different jurisdictions of North America and Europe
Author: Innes, John L.
Imprint: Vancouver, B.C. : University of British Columbia, 2004
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Forestry, Socioeconomic factors
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
Many companies currently seeking forest certification are committed to the successful adoption of improved forest management techniques especially as they are proven effective within the forest to forest product process. Against this background it is important that the key attributes and weaknesses of the monitoring standards required by third-party certification in North America and Europe be well understood if they are to be implemented. Legalization can exist as either ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ law. This project has analyzed the current monitoring and information requirements of different hard and soft forestry standards in selected jurisdictions of North America and Europe. It has reviewed monitoring and information reporting for sustainable forest management in different jurisdictions and applied multiple case study and survey methods. This has provided a framework from which to consider some of the factors that affect the practical implementation of hard and soft law standards in different jurisdictions.
John L. Innes.


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