Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
FII Project R04-049

    Estimating grizzly bear distribution and abundance relative to habitat and human influence
Contributing Authors: Apps, Clayton D.; McLellan, Bruce N.; Woods, John G.; Proctor, Michael C.F.; Serrouya, Robert; Pavan, Gary; Boulanger, John; Strobeck, C.
Imprint: Revelstoke, B.C. : British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Research Branch, 2004
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Avalanche, Chutes, Grizzly Bear, Habitat selection
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
Grizzly bears are a very high profile species and integrating their requirements within intensively managed forested landscapes is a significant challenge and under intense public and professional scrutiny locally, nationally, and internationally. This project capitalizes on 25 continuous years of research that has radio monitored >140 different grizzly bears to: 1) compare grizzly bear habitat use, behaviour and population characteristics during the first pass of timber harvesting and a major gas exploration program (1978-1985), the period between timber harvesting (1986-1999), and during second pass of timber harvest (2000-2006), 2) test grizzly bear avalanche chute management guidelines, 3) work with managers to implement results into the various scales of land-use planning and development plus continue to publish in peer-reviewed journals and in conference proceedings and maintaining a high profile on international committees and groups such as the IUCN bear specialist group and the International Association for Bear Research and Management
Bruce McLellan et al.


Reproductive Maturation article (Ursus, Vol. 14(2), 109-119) (0.5Mb)
Year One Progress Report (0.1Mb)
Annual Progress Report (0.2Mb)
Grizzly Bear Distribution (J. of Wildlife Management, Vol. 68(1), 138-152.)
Sampling Design article (J. of Wildlife Management, 68(3), 457-469)

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