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Skull special resource management zone avian monitoring program Spring 2003 monitoring summary report

Author(s): Cascadia Natural Resource Consultants Inc.; Falat, Donna-Marie K.
Imprint: Kamloops, B.C. : Tolko Industries Ltd., 2004
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Silvicultural Systems, British Columbia, Birds, Effect of Habitat Modification On
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative


A modified harvest regime is being applied to three Interior Douglas-fir zone variants within the Skull Special Resource Management Zone. The objectives of the harvest is to create suitable early seral vegetation communities for wildlife, improve the health of mature and veteran trees retained within harvested cutblocks, and create these features through time and at a landscape scale. The prescription is designed to stimulate the effects of frequent, low intensity fires in a dry forest system. To date, harvesting has been carried out in the IDFdk2 variant. The composition of bird communities and their associated vegetation features has been monitored within harvested and unharvested comparison sites on a yearly basis. In 2003, overall bird communities within the harvested dk2 variant displayed the same dominant community species as in previous years. Species associated with early seral vegetation, including MacGillivray's warbler (Oporornis tolmiei) and Song sparrow (Melospiza melodia), however, were identified within community samples and are likely indicative of early seral vegetation growth. In late summer 2003, a wildfire occurred in the study area, affecting all sample locations. Opportunities to follow bird community succession following the wildfire now exist.
Cascadia Natural Resource Consultants Inc. and Donna-Marie K. Fallat.

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