Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
FIA Project 4206015

    Mountain caribou habitat use in the Salmon Arm Forest District: April 2003 - March 2004 preliminary report #2
Project lead: Okanagan Innovative Forestry Society
Contributing Authors: Furk, Kelsey; McLellan, Bruce N.
Imprint: Heffley Creek, BC : Ministry of Forests, Research Branch, 2004
Subject: Caribou, British Columbia, Mountain Caribou in Managed Forests Program, Forest Investment Account (FIA)
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
The Okanagan Shuswap Land and Resource Management Plan (OSLRMP) established a Mountain Caribou Resource Management Zone (RMZ) (Figure 1) that encompasses Mountain Caribou Habitat in the Plan area. The LRMP plan area is made up of the old Salmon Arm, Penticton, and Vernon Forest Districts which were amalgamated into the new Okanagan Shuswap Forest District in 2003. Specific objectives and strategies within the LRMP define how Crown resources in the RMZ are to be managed. The goal of management in the RMZ is to provide adequate habitat to maintain viable Mountain Caribou populations as well as to maintain habitat connectivity. The Okanagan Innovative Forestry Society (OIFS) contracted a caribou study in response to the OSLRMP call for further caribou habitat information. This report documents progress of the study in the third year of a seven-year project. Progress in the first two years was summarized in a progress report produced in 2003 (Furk et. al 2003). The OIFS Forestry Plan (2001) identifies five main objectives for this project: 1. Identifying the caribou habitat requirements in the ICH and ESSF zones; 2. Examining the relationship between forest management activities and relative caribou habitat use in the ICH and ESSF zones; 3. Identifying opportunities to supply suitable caribou habitat attributes through forest management activities; 4. Investigating caribou populations, including predation and mortality; and 5. Link monitoring from this project to ongoing caribou research projects in the Columbia and Clearwater Forest Districts. Caribou research projects in the Columbia and Headwaters Forest districts have also identified caribou movements in the former Salmon Arm Forest District area (now part of Okanagan Shuswap Forest District). Data from all three studies will be combined to complete the objectives of this study upon completion of the seven year project.


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Updated August 16, 2010 

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