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Abstract of FIA Project 6250002

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Initial data acquisition: towards development of the biodiversity chapter for the Nahwitti landscape unit

Author(s): Hackett, James S.; Richmond Plywood Corporation Ltd.
Imprint: Nanaimo, BC : Sealion Forest Services, 2004
Subject: Old Growth Management Area, Forest Investment Account (FIA)
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program


This project was initiated by Richmond Plywood Corporation (Richply) under its Forest Investment Account (FIA). As part of ongoing forest planning efforts the Company wishes to complete Landscape Unit Planning within its operating areas in the Kingcome TSA. A preliminary set of tables describing potential Old Growth Management Areas (OGMAs) within the Nahwitti Landscape Unit (the LU) are presented in this report. The focus of this project to date has been to compile existing digital and relevant biophysical information, with the ultimate objective being to complete a biodiversity conservation plan for the LU. As such, this report defines a 'work in progress'. For reference purposes, the LU is located on the northern end of Vancouver Island. Figure 1 below is a map showing Provincial Parks located in the vicinity of the Nahwitti LU. The final objective of this work is to describe the biodiversity conservation plan for the Nahwitti Landscape Unit (LU) to include the associated legal objectives for old growth retention and wildlife tree retention. A description of the planning unit, discussion on significant resource values, and an Old Growth Management Area (OGMA) summary and rationale are not provided at this time but would be upon final completion of this project. It is emphasized that this work is very preliminary. OGMAs discussed within the confines of this report have potential to become legalized, but further analysis, review, and discussion with MSRM personnel is required. OGMA selection is an iterative process of selection, analysis, review and acceptance.
by James S. Hackett

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Updated August 02, 2006 

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