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Abstract of FII Project R02-27

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Investigation of ecological and host-pathogen interactions of Phellinus weirii - a forest health and natural disturbance agent in second-growth forests

Author(s): Sturrock, Rona N.
Imprint: Victoria, B.C. : Pacific Forestry Centre, 2003
Subject: Phellinus Weirii, Douglas-Fir, Diseases and Pests
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program


The research conducted in 2002/2003 represents an annual module of a longer-term project that has a goal to provide Douglas-fir that is resistant to the fungal pathogen Phellinus weirii. Research conducted in 2002/03 focussed on providing interim deliverables from the following six principal tasks: 1) field trials with selected Fdc families and natural Fdc, 2) characterization of PR proteins and defense-related genes in Fdc, 3) characterization of terpenoid defenses in Fdc, 4) investigation of the virulence, diversity and distribution of P. weirii, 5) investigation of interactions between P. weirii and other species in 2nd growth forests, and 6) extension of research results. General results to date include the following: Identification of two full-sib families of coastal Douglas-fir (Fdc) with consistent susceptibility ranking to P. weirii; - Documentation of the early stages of P. weirii infection through bark tissues of Fdc; - Further identification and characterization of pathogenesis-related (PR) proteins up-regulated in P. weirii-infected Fdc roots; - Creation of cDNA libraries from P. weirii-infected Fdc tissues; isolation of five new Fdc terrene syntheses genes identified to contribute to Fdc defensive resin composition; - Evidence that the traumatic resin response can be induced in Fdc roots by pre-treatment with methyl jasmonate; - PCR-based analysis of ~40 P. weirii isolates from British Columbia which reveal polymorphisms between isolates; - Extension of research results by way of presentations and publication in referred journals.
Rona Sturrock.

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