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Fertilizer trial in high elevation Spruce plantations - interim project report

Author(s): Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd.
Imprint: B.C. : Weyerhaeruser, 2004
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Trees, Growth
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative


Lumby. The Lumby site was visited on October 2 and 3, 2003. Re-measurement began on the 2nd was completed on the 3rd along with samples collected and photos taken. The weather during this visit to the site was warm, sunny and clear. The block contains a lot of fireweed, which had gone to seed at the time of this survey. Therefore there was much fluff on the trees making it difficult to get clean samples. The area still has high use by cattle, which were seen near the block. Many of the trees are performing well, although there is an increasing loss of stems due to cattle damage and aphids. Plots 1 and 2 had a greater increase in total stems with many naturals reaching > 30cm sampling height. Throughout the sampling block naturals are appearing and several more shall be reaching the sampling height within the next couple of years. Additional trees were tagged with aluminum tags with a numbering sequence beginning with 1000. Field crew on this site were; Rob Udy, Tess Sansom and Jennifer Udy. Kamloops In an attempt to complete the work in a single field day a larger crew was utilized on October 28, 2003 to complete the re-measurement on the site in the Kamloops area. Involved were Rob Udy, Tess Sansom, Brad Sindlinger and Jennifer Udy. Upon arriving at the site the weather was cool, cloudy and drizzled with rain. Within an hour of initiating work the breeze had picked up and it became drier. Samples were collected and photos taken in the morning by Rob while measurements were completed by Tess, Brad and Jennifer. Rob assisted in measuring later in the day. At 2:30 pm a large storm came across the area with high winds (gusts to ~90km), hail, and subsequently snow. Although there were only two plots remaining to measure, the work became slow and difficult to find the trees. The majority of trees were found and the work was completed by 4:00pm. In review of the trial site there were obvious differences between the plots fertilized and those that were control locations. The fertilized trees were growing vigorously, had good colour and were generally doing very well. The trees in the control sites demonstrated slow growth, and were very chlorotic. Although some damage due to cattle was recorded it seems to be lessening, there were few trees showing new damage either by browsing or scarring. Many naturals are reaching minimum sampling height and an additional 15 trees were added to the sampling list. Again these trees were tagged with aluminum tags and numbered in sequence from 1001.
[Weyerhaeuser Company Limited].

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