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Sustainable forest management plan: Tatla Lake Operating Area Chilcotin Forest District, Williams Lake TSA

Author(s): DWB Forestry Services Ltd.
Imprint: Williams Lake, B. C.: Tsi Del Del Enterprises Ltd., 2003
Subject: Sustainable Forestry, British Columbia, Forest Investment Account (FIA)
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative


The Tatla Sustainable Forest Management Plan (SFMP) Area is located west of Williams Lake in the Tatla Supply Block. It is a small portion of the Williams Lake Timber Supply Area and an even smaller portion of the area covered by the Cariboo- Chilcotin Land-Use Plan (CCLUP). Under the CCLUP a series of strategies; Biodiversity, Mule Deer, Caribou and Short Term Timber have been developed to manage specific resources. Sub-Regional Plans (SRP's) are being developed to apply the various strategies on the landscape to assess their impact on each other, to integrate them so that all the targets can be met and to provide direction at the operational plan level. This integration necessarily requires negotiation or interpretation in the application of the various strategies. It has been the hope of Tsi Del Del Enterprises Ltd. (Tsi Del Del), the Wilderness Tourism Association (WTA), the West Chilcotin Tourism Association (WCTA) and the Tatla Resource Association (TRA) to be involved with the development of a plan that addresses concerns specific to the Tatla area that would form part of the Chilcotin Sub- Regional Plan that has led to the Tatla Resource Project and the Tatla SFMP. Over the past two years Tsi Del Del has been involved with the WTA, WCTA and TRA to draft the polygons and develop the management objectives for each polygon that form the basis for the SFMP. Since it is sometimes difficult to meet regional targets over small portions of the region, because some targets do not apply, or have a small influence on the smaller area, it is understood that no sub-regional plan can stand on it's own. Therefore the plan can only be finalized when all the sub-regional plans have been completed and their impacts tested to ensure all regional targets are met. It must be stated that the SFMP and the Objectives for management are the vision of Tsi Del Del Enterprises Ltd and not those of the Alexis Creek Indian Band. As a joint venture company, Tsi Del Del Enterprises Ltd. will continue to have discussions with First Nations with regard to the Tatla Planning area and incorporate First Nations concerns into the plan where possible. First Nation support for this process is not to be implied. The term of the plan is April 1, 2003 to December 31, 2004. It will be revised in 2005 with the submission of the first Forest Stewardship Plan and updated every five years thereafter coinciding with each revision of the Forest Stewardship Plan.
DWB Forestry Services Limited.

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