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Abstract of TERP Project #0-11

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Galiano forest and woodland restoration project: restoration plan for Dionisio Point Provincial Park Galiano Island.

Author(s): Gaylor, Nathan; Scholz, Odin; Erickson, Keith
Imprint: [Galiano Island], B.C. : The Authors, 2002
Subject: Restoration Ecology, British Columbia, Forest Investment Account (FIA)
Series: Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration Program Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program


The Galiano Conservancy Association has an ongoing program to re-establish and conserve the natural range of ecological processes on Galiano Island. Landscape level GIS analysis and public consultation have identified priority conservation areas in former Coastal Douglas-fir clearcuts and industrial areas, and in Garry oak bluffs. This year’s project involved treating 6 hectares of land for removal of invasive exotic vegetation, planting 3 hectares of land after exotic species removal, assessing 1.5 hectares of old gravel pit for restoration treatments, treating 0.5 hectares of this gravel pit, and developing restoration plans for 110 hectares of clearcut and plantation forest. Public outreach was a component of this project and 2 forest restoration workshops were held and 4 local newspaper articles were written. This project was assisted by many days of skilled volunteer labour. The restoration plans resulting from this work are available from the Ministry library: 1) Gaylor, N., O. Scholz and K. Erickson. 2002. Restoration Plan for DL 63 of the Pebble Beach Nature Reserve. Galiano Conservancy Association, May 2002. 2) Gaylor, N., O. Scholz and K. Erickson. 2002. Restoration Plan for Dionisio Provincial Park. Galiano Conservancy Association, March 2002.
Project Name: Galiano Forest and Woodland Restoration Project, #0-11
Project Proponent: Galiano Conservancy Association
Key words: Coastal Douglas-fir restoration, invasive exotics, Garry oak restoration, restoration plan

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