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Abstract of TERP Project #0-6

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Horticultural centre of the Pacific restoration plan

Author(s): Berch, Shannon Marie; Holcomb, Hoke
Imprint: [Victoria, BC] : Horticultural Centre of the Pacific, 2002
Subject: Pseudotsuga Menziesii, Environmental Aspects, Restoration Ecology, British Columbia, Forest Investment Account (FIA)
Series: Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration Program Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program


The Horticulture Centre of the Pacific is 42 hectares of Crown Land on Southern Vancouver Island, 30 of which are designated as 'Greenspace', to be restored to natural Coastal Douglas-fir forest and wetland habitat. The land was formerly used for agriculture and logging and except for a stand of 2nd growth Douglas-fir, its condition is severely degraded. The project met the following goals: 1) completion of a 'Desired Future Condition' report, 2) development of restoration prescriptions for some areas and guidelines for developing the prescriptions in other areas, 3) continued work on 6.7 ha of seriously degraded land (exotic plant removal and tree planting), 4) securing commitments from adjacent landowners for the restoration of contiguous forest land, 5) continuation of the long-term animal, especially bird, survey, 6) development of a long-term plant survey. The restoration plan is available from the Ministry Library: Holcomb, H. and S. Berch, 2002. Horticultural Centre of the Pacific Restoration Plan. Work in Progress, February 2002. Horticultural Centre of the Pacific. These are available from the Ministry Library.
Project Name: Horticulture Centre of the Pacific Reforestation II, #0-6
Project Proponent: Horticulture Centre of the Pacific
Keywords: Coastal Douglas-fir restoration, urban, restoration plan, wetland restoration

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