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Abstract of TERP Project #2-2

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Analysis of historical photography to support ecological restoration

Author(s): Grainger, Susan
Imprint: Fort St. James, B.C. : Chuzghun Resources Corporation, 2002
Subject: Restoration Ecology, British Columbia, Forest Investment Account (FIA)
Series: Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration Program Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program


This project used historical aerial photography (from 1947) to describe conditions in the John Prince Research Forest prior to forest harvest. These 1947 conditions were assumed to be ‘natural’, and were used to describe landscape attributes in a less disturbed ecosystem, in order that restoration and management targets could be set. This type of information could be used to as a basis to develop 'natural forests' for the subzone, as well as for the research forest. Species distribution, age class and seral distribution and patch sizes were determined, and an orthophoto and GIS themes were produced. Ground checks were done to determine the accuracy of the timber-typing, and management units within the research forest were pinpointed for possible intervention to include the ‘natural’ forest conditions of 1947. 1947 conditions were very much what would be expected in an NDT3 ecosystem. The report is available from the Ministry library: Grainger, S. 2002. Analysis of Historical Photography to Support Ecological Restoration. Report for Forest Renewal BC by John Prince Research Forest.
Project Name: Analysis of Historical Photography to Support Ecological Restoration, #2-2
Project Proponent: John Prince Research Forest
Keywords: NDT3, reference conditions, Sub-Boreal Spruce dw3, historical photography

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Updated July 25, 2006 

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