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Abstract of TERP Project #3-7

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Old growth restoration in the IDFdm2: monitoring plot installation and five year results- Strauss Road site

Author(s): Dykstra, Pamela; DeLong, Deborah L.; Braumandl, T.F.; Steeger, Christoph
Imprint: [Nelson, B.C.] : [Ministry of Forests, Forest Sciences Section, Nelson Forest Region], 2002
Subject: Restoration Ecology, British Columbia, Forest Investment Account (FIA)
Series: Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration Program Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program


A moratorium was placed on harvesting in the interior Douglas-fir dm2 variant in the E. Kootenay Trench in 1993, due to shortfalls in attaining old growth targets. This deferral protected stands from harvest, but did not ensure the maintenance of historic old growth structure, composition and ecological function. Therefore 2 sites were released from the moratorium for restoration treatments in 1995, and treatments were undertaken to modify the stocking levels, species composition, and the understory to approximate pre-settlement stand conditions, using partial cutting and prescribed fire on a regular cycle. This particular project entailed setting up permanent sample plots and collecting monitoring data in one of the sites (Strauss Road) order to monitor the rate of overstory release, the success of the underburn at effecting desirable plant community and species shifts, the rate and quantity of conifer ingress, and the maintenance, recruitment and use of wildlife trees and wildlife tree patches. Data collection was done in 30 hectares of treated area, and 30 hectares of control area, using the Permanent Sample Plot protocol (BCMOF 2000). This monitoring is necessary to determine the success of the treatments and the timing of further treatments. This project was a priority for the MOF because restoration of fire-maintained (NDT4) ecosystems is a legal requirement under the Kootenay-Boundary Higher Level Plan order.
The project report is available from the Ministry library: Dykstra, P., D. DeLong, T. Braumandl & C. Steeger. 2002. Old Growth Restoration in the IDFdm2: Monitoring Plot Installation and Five Year Results - Strauss Road Site.
Prepared for Forest Renewal BC Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration Program by the BC Ministry of Forests and Pandion Ecological Research Ltd, Nelson, BC.
Project Name: Old growth restoration monitoring in the Interior Douglas-fir zone, #3-7
Project Proponent: Ministry of Forests Research Branch, Nelson
Keywords: old growth restoration, NDT4, monitoring, interior Douglas-fir, IDFdm2

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