BC Forest Service: A Conversation with Paul Kuster

Paul Kuster was with the BC Forest Service from 1971 to 2005. During his last 16 years, he was district manager of the Squamish Forest District. Just before he retired in September 2005 he agreed to share his insights on leadership and evolution of forest management in B.C. Click on excerpts below to see the video interview.

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Part 1 (11437 KB),
We are working on forestry no longer on a forest district basis, we are looking at forestry as it measures up to the world.

Part 2 (16629 KB), Instead of managing forests for farming purposes we are managing forests for a multitude of different resource values.

Part 3 (3918 KB), We are not second fiddle to any other place in the world.

Part 4 (8723 KB), In order to make sure everybody is understanding what you are intending to say the best setting is mother nature’s classroom.

Part 5 (4956 KB), A wildfire season like no other.

Part 6 (4647 KB), By being out and practicing forestry on the ground you are able to make a difference for generations to come.

Part 7 (5548 KB), You have to have people working with you because they enjoy working with you.

Part 8 (3923 KB), I have had one of the most remarkable jobs that anybody can imagine.

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Updated March 2007