Forest, Range & Recreation Resource Analysis Table of Contents


AAC: allowable annual cut

AOI: area of interest

APSC: Aboriginal Policy Steering Committee

AUM: animal unit month

BCFS: British Columbia Forest Service

BEC: biogeoclimatic ecosystem classification

CCFM: Canadian Council of Forest Ministers

CFFG: Coastal Fisheries Forestry Guidelines

CORE: Commission on Resources and Environment

CRII: Corporate Resource Inventory Initiative

CWG: Community Watershed Guidelines

ESA: environmentally sensitive area

FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization

FPC: Forest Practices Code

FRC: Forest Resources Commission

FRDA: Forest Resource Development Agreement

FRP: Forest Renewal Plan

FRRA: Forest and Range Resource Analysis

FRRRA: Forest, Range and Recreation Resource Analysis

FSS: Forest Sector Strategy

FTAS: Forest Tenure Administration System

GDP: gross domestic product

GIS: geographic information system

GRT: general range types

IMA: Interim Measures Agreement

IRM: integrated resource management

IWIFR: Integrated Wildlife-Intensive Forestry Research

LRMP: Land and Resource Management Planning

LRUP: Local Resource Use Plan

LUCO: Land Use Coordination Office

MOELP: Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks

MOF: Ministry of Forests

MOU: memorandum of understanding

NA: not applicable

NC: non-commercial

NSR: not-satisfactorily-restocked

OGSP: Old Growth Strategy Project

ONP: old newspapers

OSB: oriented strand board

PAS: Protected Areas Strategy

PHSP: Pre-Harvest Silviculture Prescription

PSYU: public sustained yield unit

RAD: recreation activity-day

RIC: Resources Inventory Committee

RIS: Range Improvement System

RISI: Resource Information Systems Inc.

ROS: recreation opportunity spectrum

RRA: range reference area

RUD: recreation user-day

SBFEP: Small Business Forest Enterprise Program

SOI: Statements of Intent

TBA: to be announced

TFL: tree farm licence

TNAC: Treaty Negotiation Advisory Committee

TSA: timber supply area

TSR: Timber Supply Review

UNCED: United Nations Conference on Environmental Development

UREP: Use, Recreation and Enjoyment of the Public

UTM: Universal Transverse Mercator

VLM: visual landscape management

VSA: visually sensitive area

VQO: visual quality objective

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