Forest, Range & Recreation Resource Analysis Table of Contents


This report and analysis represents the work of many people in the Forest Service, other government ministries and agencies and specialized consultation .

Primary authors are: Gerry Still, Andy MacKinnon and Ron Planden (B.C. Ministry of Forests, Research Branch).

The Steering Committee was made up of: Ray Addison, Mike Whybrow, Gerry Still and Andy MacKinnon.

During the course of the work, members of the ministry executive provided direction and advice: John Cuthbert, Larry Pedersen, Janna Kumi, Don Wright, Harry Powell, Thea Vakil and Bronwen Beedle.

Individual staff members provided information, specialized knowledge and constructive technical advice: Trish Simoes, Elizabeth Easton and Ian Graeme, Research Branch; Dave Campbell and Earl Jenson, Range Branch; Ray Addison and Brian Fardoe, Resource Planning Branch; Anthony Britneff, Barry Wilson and John Brodie, Resources Inventory Branch; Jim Maxwell and Peter Nagati, Silviculture Branch; Charlie Klasen and Ken Bowen, Timber Harvesting Branch; Nick Krischanowsky, Valuation Branch; Terje Vold, Recreation Branch; Mike Whybrow, Ken Baker and Stephen Fletcher, Economics and Trade Branch; Sylvia Pang, Protection Branch; Diane Goode and Grant Parnell, Aboriginal Affairs Branch; Ralph Archibald and Melanie Milum, Integrated Resources Policy Branch; Malcolm Crerar and Sue Stephen, Corporate Policy and Planning Branch; Irwin Henderson, Claudia Moore, Eileen Harper, Pam Bishop and Wendy Stewart, Public Affairs Branch; and Elizabeth MacMillan and Janna Jessee, Timber Supply Branch.

Some sections in this report are based partly on information produced under contract by: Lois Dellert, Talisman Land Resource Consultants, and Simons Consulting Group.

Specialized input was received from Nancy Wilkin and Dennis Demarchi of the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks; Pieter Bekker of the Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture; Heather Brazier of Treasury Board; Kathi Cross of the Public Issues and Consultation office; Jamie Alley and Jenny Fraser of Intergovernmental Relations Office; and John Nicol of Government Communications Office.

Photographs in chapter nine are used with permission of the copyright holders: Courtney and District Museum and Archives, Courtney; Harry Foster, Vancouver; IWA Local I-80, Duncan; and, Link and Pin Museum, Roberts Lake. The ministry would like to acknowledge Ken Drushka and Harbour Publishing for use of Working in the Woods: A History of Logging on the West Coast.

Assistance in preparation of the manuscript was obtained from: Cortex Consultants Inc. (writing, editing, design and illustration), FORGIS Resource Consultants (maps), and Dynamic Typesetting (document production). Proofreading services were provided by Beacon Hill Communication Group Inc.

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