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Abstract of FII Project R2003-174

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Density management to improve growth, yield and quality of paper birch stands in interior BC

Author(s): Simard, Suzanne (BC Ministry of Forests)
Subject: Biodiversity, Ecology, Forestry, Inventory, Landscape ecology
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program


We seek funding to evaluate/extend 11-year growth, yield, crown and mortality responses in a paper birch thinning experiment established in 1991 in interior BC. The experiment tests four birch densities on four sites that vary in quality in a 4x4 factorial experiment (n=3). There are no similar studies in B.C., and the information is vital to predicting and modeling yield in pure birch and mixed birch/conifer stands. This proposal is for 11-year measurements, data analysis, and reporting in a journal article and extension materials. The data will be used to help validate the TASS sub-module for paper birch.

For further information, please contact Suzanne Simard, BC Ministry of Forests (

Updated September 08, 2005 

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