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Abstract of FII Project R04-053

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Assessing the Effects of Canter Chips on Kraft Pulp Quality

Author(s): Bicho, Paul (Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada)
Subject: Forestry, Wood Science
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program


Canterchips are produced by chipper headrigs during the conversion of logs into lumber. They have a unique geometry characterized by a distinct 'arched wedged' appearance which results in an apparent chip thickness, as measured by screen-type classifiers, that is greater than the actual chip thickness. However, the most important aspect of this chip geometry is that excessive fibre damage appears evident from the longer cut along the cross-sectional face. This suggests that these chips will detrimentally affect kraft pulping and pulp quality in an industrial setting. The goal of this project this is to assess how wedge-shaped canter chips affect kraft pulping and pulp properties and to suggest ways of addressing any detrimental effects.

For further information, please contact Paul Bicho, Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada

Updated September 08, 2005 

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