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Abstract of FII Project R04-033

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The Upper Penticton Creek Watershed Experiment: The Effects of 20% and 50% Harvest

Author(s): Winkler, Rita (BC Ministry of Forests)
Subject: Biology, Chemistry/biochemistry, Climate, Earth Sciences, Ecology, Forestry, Geomorphology, Hydrology, Integrated resource management, Silviculture/Forest Management Systems
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program


The Upper Penticton Creek Watershed Experiment is a classic paired-watershed experiment into the effects of forest harvesting on the water resources of the interior plateau. It includes the watersheds of 240, 241, and Dennis Creeks. Measurement and calibration of pre-disturbance streamflow began in 1985. Current monitoring includes environmental variables, water chemistry, aquatic habitat, and channel morphology. Forest development began in 1995. The 240 Creek watershed remains an undisturbed control. In 2002, post-20% logging measurements were completed in the 240 and 241 Creek watersheds. Post-50% cut measurements continue at Dennis Creek. Preliminary analyses show forest development related changes in: snow accumulation and melt, turbidity levels, and stream temperature. Work covered by this proposal focuses on finalising and distributing 241 Creek post-20% results, new soil and water quality research, and DHSVM model calibration in the Dennis Creek watershed

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Updated September 08, 2005 

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