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Abstract of FII Project R04-026

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Sicamous Creek Silvicultural Systems Project: 2nd Phase

Author(s): Vyse, Alan (BC Ministry of Forests)
Subject: Biodiversity, Ecology, Entomology, Fire, Fishery, Forestry, Hydrology, Integrated resource management, Pathology, Silviculture/Forest Management Systems, Wildlife
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program


Sicamous Creek is a long-term, multi-disciplinary, multi-agency research study that uses operational-scale replicated experimental treatments to measure the ecological impact of alternative harvesting practices on a high elevation, wet cold ESSF forest in the Interior. The project was initiated in 1990 to provide the forestry community with information on the sustainability of clearcutting and alternatives. Over 40 researchers have worked together to help fulfil high priority information needs, including: harvest costs of clearcutting alternatives; forest regeneration; watershed impacts; nutrient cycling and soil productivity; pest management; floral and faunal biodiversity. Our proposal seeks funding for expanding the knowledge base through a combination of studies which broaden the scope of existing findings, re-measurement and analysis of existing studies, publication of results, synthesis, projection of future conditions, and further extension work to March 31st 2004.

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Updated September 08, 2005 

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