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Abstract of FII Project R04-020

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Forest management on alluvial and colluvial fans

Author(s): Wilford, David (BC Ministry of Forests)
Subject: Fishery, Forestry, Geomorphology, Hydrology
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program


Gentle slopes of fans belie the presence of hydrogeomorphic hazards for forestry activities: inundation, scour and sediment deposition from floods, debris floods and debris flows. Begun in 2000, this study described impacts due to conventional forest management practices on fans in the western portion of the Northern Interior Forest Region. Hydrogeomorphic processes were aggravated on 41 of the 55 study fans, leading to destabilization of fan surfaces and stream channels, and impacts to roads, drainage structures and plantations. A suite of hazard indicators was developed based on 65 study fans and their watersheds: models for predicting hydrogeomorphic process, power, disturbance extent, and frequency; aerial photograph features; and site features. Extension included field workshops (throughout BC), conference presentations, and publications. Research is needed to validate the models and extend the geographic range of the hazard indicators. Extension will focus on training and publications.

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Updated September 08, 2005 

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