Forest Investment Account

Abstract of FII Project R02-17

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Forests for the Future

Author(s): Menzies, Charles (University of British Columbia)
Subject: Forestry
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program


The central objective of this project is to conduct research and extension activities that will facilitate the incorporation of core community values (aboriginal and non-aboriginal) in local sustainable forest management. This project incorporates three central components: applied research into local ecological knowledge, policy development and evaluation focused on achieving the meaningful participation of all peoples and organisations reliant upon our common forest resources, and extension activities designed to facilitate mutual respect, effective communication, and knowledge sharing between First Nations and other natural resources stakeholders. This report summarizes year two activities of a project originally planned to be conducted over the course of five years. The results of this stage of the project have led to significant and important developments in sustainable forest practices through the incorporation of local ecological knowledge and the development of new and innovative consultative processes that prioritize listening to local communities and being willing to make accommodations to their point of view, knowledge, and rights.

For further information, please contact Charles Menzies, University of British Columbia

Updated September 08, 2005 

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