Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative
FIA Project 9023003

    Presence/Absence Fish Mapping of 32 Mapsheets in the Kamloops TSA
Project lead: Dave Dobi (Canadian Forest Products Ltd.)
Contributing Authors: Mylymok, Jenine; Trumbley, Michele; Nelson, Tannis
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative
The fish presence/absence maps and associated database are intended for use as a planning tool in the identification of potential sites to complete fish passage culvert inspections (FPCIs). This fish presence/absence mapping project has been funded under the Forest Investment Account. For the fiscal year 2010, the Lower North Thompson (LNTH) River Watershed hardcopy mapsheets were digitized and quality assured.
For fiscal year 2008/2009, a total of 50 full priority mapsheets were selected by licensees to undertake fish presence/absence mapping. Additional information was also added to 15 mapsheets that were previously mapped in phases 1 and 2. The total number of mapsheets completed in fiscal year 2008/2009 was 65 (refer to Figure 1). Mapsheets were selected using the Provincial Ministry of Environment “Fisheries Value” polygon ranking for watershed sub-basins and watershed groups1. For reference purposes only, the completion of the 65 mapsheets in fiscal year 2008/2009, will be regarded as Phase 3 of a multi-phase project for the Kamloops TSA. Note: The Lower North Thompson River Watershed hardcopy mapsheets were quality assured, but not digitized in 2009.


Mapsheet 082L.071 (3.0Mb)
Mapsheet 082L.081 (3.1Mb)
Mapsheet 082L.091 (4.3Mb)
Mapsheet 082M.001 (3.3Mb)
Mapsheet 082M_041 (0.6Mb)
Mapsheet 092I.079 (3.5Mb)
Mapsheet 092I.080 (2.7Mb)
Mapsheet 092I.088 (2.8Mb)
Mapsheet 092I.089 (2.8Mb)
Mapsheet 092I.090 (2.2Mb)
Mapsheet 092I.098 (7.3Mb)
Mapsheet 092I.099 (4.4Mb)
Mapsheet 092I.100 (2.8Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.008 (12.6Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.009 (7.1Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.010 (3.3Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.018 (11.5Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.019 (8.7Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.020 (4.0Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.029 (8.8Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.030 (5.8Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.039 (11.8Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.040 (5.6Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.048 (5.9Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.049 (8.0Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.050 (4.5Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.059 (5.1Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.059 (4.1Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.060 (4.8Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.068 (7.1Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.069 (11.2Mb)
Mapsheet 092P.070 (10.7Mb)
Final progress report (0.9Mb)
Final Fish mapping data (0.4Mb)

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Updated August 16, 2010 

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