Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
FIA Project Y093046

    Book preparation: Ecology, conservation and management of British Columbia’s inland rainforest
Project lead: Coxson, Darwyn (University of Northern British Columbia)
Author: Coxson, Darwyn S.
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
Project Description: We propose to produce a major publication that brings together the current state of knowledge about British Columbia’s inland rainforest, describes management options, and identifies their likely consequences. We use the term “inland rainforest” or “wet ICH” to refer to the wet and very wet subzones of the Interior Cedar-Hemlock Zone (ICH) along the western slopes of the Columbia and Rocky Mountains. The unique attributes of this ecosystem and the importance of using the best possible scientific information to inform management of old cedar-hemlock stands has been recognized by the former Chief Forester (B.C. Min. For. 2002) and the Forest Practices Board (Forest Practices Board 2001). The conservation significance of the inland rainforest is increasing recognized in the scientific literature (Arsenault and Goward 2000; Goward and Spribille 2005). However, much of the emerging literature on the natural disturbance regime, ecology, and silviculture of the wet ICH is fragmented and dispersed, and other valuable information (e.g., internal MoF landbase data) is unpublished or otherwise unconsolidated and difficult to access.
Currently, forest harvesting in the interior of British Columbia is largely focused on mountain pine beetle (MPB) -attacked stands, and the level of harvest activity in much of the wet ICH is relatively low. Once the MPB has run its course, there will be a renewal of harvesting pressure on regional non-pine forest types, including the wet ICH. We feel that the timing of this publication will be ideal, as it will be completed and available to inform forest policy and practices in the wet ICH when the forest industry and forestry-dependent communities complete pine salvage programs and examine the options for future timber supply in other areas of the timber harvesting landbase.
This project was begun in 2003/04 with FII funding, and furthered in 2004/05 with a one-year funding contribution from the BCMoF Northern Interior Forest Region. It was originally envisaged in report format, but the authors subsequently decided to expand it to a book.
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Final report (19Kb)
British Columbia's Inland Rainforest: Ecology, Conservation and Management.

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Updated April 23, 2012 

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