Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
FIA Project 2760006

    Patch & Seral Distribution Analysis Project for the Kispiox and Cranberry Timber Supply Areas
Project lead: Knox, Jim (Magellan Digital Mapping)
Author: Knox, Jim
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
for the KOMA group with a goal to identify potential harvesting opportunities and impacts within in the Kispiox and Cranberry Timber Supply Areas (TSAs). This goal was accomplished by determining whether seral stage and patch size targets are being met within various Landscape Units (LU) and Planning Units (PU). Results for the project were broken out for two plan areas:
The West Babine Sustainable Resource Management Plan area (WBSRMP) a series of mid-sized watersheds associated with the Babine River.
Kispiox Higher Level Plan area (KHLP) V the remainder of the Kispiox/Cranberry TSA, broken out by large sized LUs.
The VRI dataset, containing seral information for the 2 areas, were run through ArcGIS models that produced tabular results showing whether or not seral and patch targets were being met according to the objectives outlined in the Plans. If old growth targets were met or exceeded, the potential for future harvesting exists.
The seral targets for the project area have been met with a great degree of success. Of the 91 LU/BEC combinations for which targets exist, 78 have been met:
24 of 33 old targets have been met
34 of 35 mature+old targets have been met
22 of 23 early seral targets have been met
Indicators for the majority of the LUs show that patch sizes are constraining future
potential harvesting in a greater fashion. Currently, of the 651 LU/NDT/Age Class
128 old, mature, and mid targets have met or over achieved their target (more
340 old, mature, and mid targets are below target (more constrained)
89 very early and early targets have been met or are below target (more potential)
94 very early and early targets have exceeded their target (more constrained)
A comparison of the results of this project to existing results was requested at the time of the contract meeting in Smithers on January 15th, however, an anomaly was identified in the edge effects applied to Very Early and Early patches from the previous project making any comparison invalid.
As this analysis is being carried out on provincial crown land, a recommendation is being put forward to remove privately owned land and Indian Reserves from the dataset to better reflect current and future seral and patch distributions.


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Updated August 16, 2010 

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