Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
FIA Project 2754007

    Sustainable Forest Management Plan for Nelson Defined Forest Area
Project lead: Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (Canfor)
Author: Smith, Jason
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
Between July 2003 and March 2005 forest tenure holders ("licensees") operating in the Fort Nelson Defined Forest Area (DFA), Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Peace Liard Woodlands, Liard Business Unit (Canfor) and British Columbia Timber Sales Peace Liard Business Unit (BCTS), worked with members of the public, local stakeholders, Ministry of Forests and Range, Integrated Land Management Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, and First Nation representatives to develop a Sustainable Forest Management Plan (SFM Plan) for the Fort Nelson DFA. This SFM Plan has since been updated (October 2008) to address changes in forest condition, public, stakeholder, and First Nations input and local community values.
The CSA standards set performance objectives and targets over a DFA to reflect local and regional interests. Consistent with most certifications, the CSA standards expect compliance with existing forest policies, laws and regulations. This edition of the SFM Plan includes updated references to the applicable laws and regulations, as well as an updated suite of indicators, targets, and associated measures that address the current environmental, economic and social conditions within the Fort Nelson DFA. This Plan is based on the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Sustainable Forest Management Requirements and Guidance (CSA Z809-02), which is one of the most common forest certification systems in use in British Columbia. This SFM Plan localizes the implementation and monitoring of the indicators.
The initial development and subsequent changes to the SFM Plan have been achieved through the ongoing input and support of the Fort Nelson SFM Public Advisory Group (PAG), also known as the Public Response for Integrated Sustainable Management (PRISM). Members of the PAG represented a broad cross-section of local interests including, but not limited to, recreation, tourism, education, trapping, farming, forestry, conservation, water, community, and First Nations.
The SFM Plan is a dynamic and evolving document that is to be reviewed and revised on a regular basis (approximately every 5 years) with the input from the PAG (PRISM). Canfor and BCTS are committed to the achievement of the targets set out in the SFM Plan. On an annual basis the PAG reviews and provides input with respect to individual annual reports prepared by both Canfor and BCTS in reference to the achievement of performance measures established in the SFM plan. This monitoring process provides Canfor and BCTS, the public, and First Nations with an opportunity to bring forward new information and to provide input concerning new or changing public, stakeholder, and First Nations values and interests that can be incorporated into future updates of the SFM Plan, both at the DFA and TSA level.


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Updated August 16, 2010 

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