Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
FIA Project 2675001

    Integrated Visual Design Planning for Selected Viewscapes in the Fort St. James Forest District
Project lead: Pope & Talbot Ltd.
Contributing Authors: Hales, Shaun; Smith, Philip R.
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
Visual resources have been a managed value since 1981, when the Ministry of Forests published the Forest Landscape Handbook. In 1994, the handbook was updated with the release of the Visual Landscape Design Training Manual which provided the basis for analysis and design during this project. Since 1981, the Ministry of Forests has inventoried landscapes, established scenic areas, and applied visual quality objectives to select scenic areas. The District Manger, G. W. Davis, made scenic areas known to licensees on February 12, 1999. By being made known, the scenic areas had to be considered in all operational plans submitted after June 15, 1999. Licensees were expected to use the objectives outlined by the visual quality classes defined for each scenic area to achieve the appropriate level of alteration. The Visual Landscape Inventory (VLI) for the District, with recommended visual quality classes, was updated in 2004. The updated VLI was reviewed and incorporated into the Timber Supply Area visual quality objectives (VQO) established in November 2005 by the Fort St. James District District Manager.
In the past, Pope & Talbot Ltd. (P&T) has, for the most part, managed visual resources at the operational level, on a block-by block basis. A strategic, long-term approach to the development of selected scenic areas was started with the 2002 Ministry of Forests and Range Fort St. James District, November 2, 2005, Visual Quality Objective Order. ,Lynda Currie, District Manager. Tezzeron-Arch Total Chance Plan 2 and the 2007 Integrated Visual Design of Selected Scenic Areas in the Fort St. James District. Those works are continued with this Integrated Visual Design (IVD) project for selected scenic areas in the vicinity of Elliot Lake and Dan Miner Lake near the Southern end of Takla Lake.
This project is based on the May 2002 Integrated Visual Design Interim Procedures and Standards for the Forest Investment Account (FIA). The intent of an IVD is to provide long-term direction for the development of the timber resources in a manner that is consistent with higher-level planning direction and respectful of other resource values. IVD employs a process that considers all resource values simultaneously in an integrated fashion. IVD strives to balance the use of competing resources, now and in the future, to achieve an acceptable visual result.


IVD Planning Report (2.5Mb)
Dan Miner Constraints Map (1.7Mb)
Elliott Lake Constraints Map (3.7Mb)
Dan Minor and Elliot Block Design Map (1.1Mb)
Dan Miner Lake Visible Areas Map (0.6Mb)
Elliott Lake Visible Areas Map (1.4Mb)

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Updated August 16, 2010 

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