Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative
FIA Project 4802005

    Viewland Mountain Mule Deer Winter Range Trial [2007/2008 project description only]
Project lead: West Fraser Mills Ltd.
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative
In the ICHmk3 biogeoclimatic subzone in the Cariboo Forest Region, Douglas-fir stands tend to be even-aged. These seral forests are eventually replaced with western red cedar-subalpine fir climax communities. Douglas-fir stands within this wetbelt ecosystem are important to the forest industry and to wildlife. They are particularly valuable as mule deer winter range because of the snow interception cover, thermal cover, and Douglas-fir forage provided by mature and older trees. Douglas-fir stands in these ecosystems are typically clearcut, which effectively removes large portions of the winter range for long periods of time. The typical silvicultural system used on Mule Deer Winter Range (MDWR) in uneven-aged Douglas fir is low-volume, single tree selection. This system is not ecologically appropriate for these even-aged stands.Furthermore, regenerating clearcuts in the ICHmk3 with Douglas fir is often difficult due to frost, snow press and/or vegetation competition. This research will add to our understanding of Douglas-fir natural regeneration dynamics and to the environmental conditions required for re-establishing Douglas fir on these sites after harvesting.Knowledge gained from this pilot study will be used in the implementation of the CCLUP Mule Deer strategy and Mule Deer targets.Armleder et al. (1986) developed the Handbook for Timber and Mule Deer Management Co-ordination on Winter Ranges in the Cariboo Forest Region to provide information on harvesting drybelt Douglas fir stands on low to deep snowfall MDWRs. It is the main management tool used by the forest industry and government for developing MDWR plans, operational plans and silviculture prescriptions. This research project will contribute valuable data and information towards updating the handbook to include very deep snowfall MDWRs. Information on regeneration requirements will benefit operational staff in the preparation of silvicultural prescriptions for even-aged interior Douglas-fir stands in wetbelt ecosystems.
Contact: Waterhouse, Michaela, (250) 398-4345,

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