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    Pothole Creek Study Area Interior Douglas-fir Uneven-aged Stand Development
Project lead: Bealle-Statland, Catherine (BC Ministry of Forests and Range)
Author: Bealle Statland, Catherine A.
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
The Pothole Creek Study Area is a five-hectare installation within a dry Douglas-fir (IDF) stand that was partially cut in the late 1960s. The Stand Modelling Group of the BC Ministry of Forests and Range Research Branch established the site in 1996 to study the biology of uneven-aged interior Douglas-fir (IDF) tree growth and stand development, to develop growth and yield models, and to integrate them into decision support systems for silvicultural and timber supply planning ( An integrated research team has completed studies of root growth (Richardson 2000, Richardson et al. 2003, and Richardson and zu Dohna 2003), moisture dynamics (Simpson 2000), tree physiology, understorey tree height growth, and light distribution. Seed fall, coarse woody debris, crown development, leaf area and biomass, sapwood dynamics and growth and yield research is ongoing. The study site is within a larger 561-hectare Demonstration Area established by Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd. and the Ministry of Forests and Range to examine silviculture alternatives for cutover dry-belt interior Douglas-fir in the Merritt Timber Supply Area. The site is in the southern interior of British Columbia, about 25 km southeast of Merritt at about 1300 m elevation, in the Thompson Dry Cool Interior Douglas-fir biogeoclimatic subzone variant (IDFdk1). The focus of the installation is a one-hectare permanent growth and yield sample plot (100 m by 100 m square), located at a mid-slope position within the stand, which was intensively measured and mapped in 1996 to provide data for calibration of a light model and for retrospective analysis of stand development, both to support spatial growth and yield modelling. This plot is now remeasured periodically as a detailed study of uneven-aged IDF stand development and to build a long term data set for spatial growth and yield model testing. The plot includes three smaller nested subplots for the measurement of natural ingress and understorey tree development: one 900 m2 (30 m x 30 m) and two 400 m2 (20 m x 20 m). The most recent full measurement of the plots was in the fall of 2000. Measurements and less comprehensive assessments of the smaller subplots have been made more frequently. This two-year proposal is for another complete remeasurement of the plot and regeneration subplots ten years after establishment, and for the synthesis and reporting of ten years of stand development results and retrospective analyses, including all interim assessments and eight years of seedfall and climate monitoring.
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Updated August 16, 2010 

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