Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
FIA Project Y082057

    Developing a Science-Based Framework to Identify and Designate “Temperature Sensitive Streams” for Sustainable Riparian Forest Management in the BC Interior
Project lead: Nelitz, Marc (ESSA Technologies Ltd.)
Author: Nelitz, Marc
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
The focus of this project is to develop and apply a “proof of concept” documenting the data requirements and analytical methods needed to designate "Temperature Sensitive Streams (TSS)" for sustainable forest management in BC. Designation recognizes that "temperature sensitivity" needs to consider (a) the physical sensitivity of a stream to temperature increases due to forestry activities, and (b) the biological sensitivity of fish communities exposed to those otential temperature changes. Thus, this work is designed to characterize those two aspects to temperature sensitivity and apply them in a decision-making framework. The following seven steps were included in the original workplan:(1) Kick-off Meeting; (2) Define Fish Species / Community Thresholds; (3) Develop Weight-of-Evidence Approach to Quantify Ranges of Anticipated Temperature Changes; (4) Develop a Pilot Approach for Integrating Criteria and Indicators Identified in Activities 1-3; (5) Development of Proof-of-Concept and Application to Example Watersheds; (6) Outreach meeting; and (7) Technical Report. These steps have been revised somewhat to the following:(1) Kick-Off meeting; (2) Define biological component to TSS designations; (3) Define physical component to TSS designations; (4) Develop pilot approach to designation; (5) Implement proof-of-concept to pilot region(s); (6) Outreach meeting; and (7) Technical report. These changes have resulted from improved clarity in identifying "Temperature Sensitive Streams" gained at the kick-off workshop (e.g., What data are available? What is a defensible approach to estimating changes in stream temperatures due to forestry activities? What is a defensible approach for combining the physical and biological indicators to designate a stream?). Only the methods in tasks (2) and (3) have changed somewhat from the original workplan. Changes in methods are described in Section 6 "Experimental Design and Methods" of this Continuing Workplan.
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Contact: Nelitz, Marc, (640) 733-2996,


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Updated August 16, 2010 

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