Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
FIA Project Y081237

    Timber Growth and Value Program Synthesis Conference
Project lead: Budhwa, Rick (Bulkley Valley Centre for Natural Resources Research and Management)
Author: Budhwa, Rick
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
The FIA-FSP Timber Growth and Value Program focuses on research to improve: · prediction of tree and stand growth, and wood properties and values under various management regimes and for different stand types; · forecasting of timber losses and stand development following natural disturbances; · evaluation and development of management regimes for co-production of timber and non-timber values; and · effectiveness of mandated policies and practices.
The 2007/08 Priorities outline seven themes and eleven topics. The BV Research Centre is proposing to organize and host a major conference in the Bulkley Valley focussed on the seven 2007/08 major themes within the Timber Growth and Value Program. Several projects related to themes within the Timber Growth and Value Program have been completed by researchers within the BV Research Centre (i.e. complex stand management) and several are proposed for the 2007/08 fiscal year. Specifically, this project will address the need for all researchers within the Timber Growth and Value Program to congregate to present and synthesize research, discuss the state of knowledge, and identify gaps for future research. Often, extension of the results of these projects has been targeted at the partners, managers, and consultants who are actively involved in the primary study area including the Ministry of Forests and Range, local forest companies, and consultants. We intend to expand the potential audience to include academia, First Nations, community representatives and all other interested parties. We feel that this collaborative approach to such information acquisition and sharing will produce an informed knowledge base on which resource management decisions may be based, and result in more holistic and representative interpretations. Since its formation in 2002, the BV Research Centre has become known for the effective and meaningful delivery of various extension projects. For example, we regularly host a natural and cultural resource management seminar series at Northwest Community College. This series disseminates our research results, as well as presents current and prominant research on a provincial and national level. The BV Research Centre also hosts major resource management conferences such as the upcoming Complex Stand Management Conference, and the SORTIE-ND Technical Workshop to be held in Smithers in Feb. 2007. This will be followed by the much anticipated Monitoring Conference scheduled for March 2007. All of our conferences have national and international influences and audiences.
The Purpose of this project is to undertake three extension activities so that forest managers, planners, and consultants are introduced to, and can apply, advancements in knowledge regarding the Timber Growth and Value Program. This will occur through: · A two day conference based on the FIA-FSP Timber Growth and Value Program Themes; and · A conference proceedings AND web based results dissemination Moreover, we will create and manage an ongoing "network" of conference participants and other interested individuals. This group of academics, students, resource professionals, consultants and government individuals (to name a few) will continue to communicate through this newly created network. This will be done via an email list, dedicated website and newsletters. It is anticipated that this network will become permanent, and perhaps someday have a volunteer advisory board. This type of extension "monitoring" is an innovative practice that the BV Research Centre emphasizes in all of our extension projects. This project will compliment all other projects funded through the Timber Growth and Value research priority, as it will include project results, and all funded researchers will be contacted to participate in this conference.
Also of importance is the involvement of First Nations. The BV Research Centre has established guidelines for the consideration of TK into our research projects, which allow us to engage meaningfully with First Nations. Our guidelines emphasize First Nations participation at higher levels of research design and implementation. Our methodology is intended to be evolving in order to change with the capacity and needs of each First Nation. In this regard, we strive for flexibility and innovation, rather than a standardized approach. The BV Research Centre has established relationships with several First Nations, including local groups such as the Office of the Wet’suwet’en and the Hagwilget Village Council. Each BV Research Centre project includes a capacity building component for relevant First Nations. More specifically, each project usually includes a monetary allocation for the First Nation to help facilitate communications with us. Where appropriate, we ensure that the First Nation receives technical deliverables (such as mapsets, GIS information, etc) to increase their technical capacity to manage their traditional territories. All project extension materials are forwarded to the relevant First Nations. For this particular project, First Nations representatives will be on the advisory committee and participate as key note speakers. A copy of our current TK guidelines has been attached to this proposal.
Contact: Budhwa, Rick, (250) 847-2827,


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