Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
FIA Project L077015

    Long-term boreal mixedwood studies
Project lead: Hawkins, Chris (University of Northern British Columbia)
Imprint: [BC]:, 2007
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
The aim of the project is to describe understory recruitment (both natural and planted) with respect to stand structure (density) and stand age in the Peace Forest District. These findings will result in better management of intimate species mixtures (complex stands) at different temporal and spatial scales in the BWBS biogeoclimatic zone. This is the first LTRI that has been requested for this project (FSP- Y062304). The trial is comprised of two sites: 1) Woodlot (WL) 1217 near Fort St. John. The stand is a 50 year-old mixedwood stand of fire origin, dominated by even aged aspen in the overstory and multi-aged white spruce in the understory, and was established in 1998, and 2) The Rice Property that now forms part of Tree Farm License (TFL) 48 and is located within the Dawson Creek TSA. There are young (age class 2) and old (age class 5) aspen with successful ingress and planting of white spruce on the latter and planting of spruce on the former. The young stand on the TFL and the stand on the WL both had aspen density reduced (5 and 7 years ago respectively) in a linear fashion in order to observe the growth of understory spruce and overstory aspen. Five year measurements on TFL 48 and seven year measurements on WL 1217 will completed in October 2005. The next series of tree measurements are planned for the fall of 2008. This projectís association with Canforís TFL 48, and with the involvement of government and academia provide a partnership that fosters long term research under the FSP definition of a LTRI. LTRI status for this project will not only allow for future monitoring of current study parameters, but will also facilitate future investigation into biological and/or integrated approaches to understanding mixedwood stand dynamics. Maintenance of this installation will also ensure that future research can be carried out by academia, government and industry alike, in a setting where continuity is maintained regarding core measurements. This LTRI funding request most appropriately fits the Timber Growth and Value programís eligible research topic 1.0 Basic research on tree growth and stand development; 1.1 Complex stands; 1.1.a Microclimate effects related to tree and stand growth in multi-storied stands (NI). Microclimate stations in permanent treatment plots include seasonal measurements of air temperature, soil temperature and moisture along with quantity and quality of light under various aspen density treatments, provide core measurements of site characteristics in well defined experimental treatments capable of facilitating an array of future long-term and short-term experiments as well as those currently taking place. The effect of treatment micro climate on the rate on soil N mineralization is also monitored on an annual basis. Remeasurement Description Presently the four plots have an average of 27 aspen, 17 spruce, and 9 non-commercial species and there has been significant aspen mortality since the beginning of the trial. Doubling the area should raise the number of aspen to more than 210 and the number of spruce to about 130. This should allow reasonable growth and yield projections to be done for this forest type. All trees in the existing sub plots will be measured for height and dbh and given a unique identification number. The sub plots will be expanded by 2.4 m from the existing boundary and all trees in the expanded area will have dbh and height measured and is given a unique number. The site tree in each sub plot (20 trees) will be cored to get an accurate age for assigning SI50 to the study. We will apply to the FSP program in 2008 to do the next scheduled measurements for this site."
Contact: Hawkins, Chris, (250) 960-5614,

Updated August 16, 2010 

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