Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
FIA Project 2552003

    Impeded Stand File Review
Project lead: West Fraser Mills Ltd.
Imprint: [BC] :, 2007
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA)
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
a) Assess Current Impeded Stands Majority of stands were assessed in 2005/06 Fiscal, only approximately 92 file reviews remain. The BC Ministry of Forests “Results” database tracks the status of impeded openings on managed crown forest lands in BC. The database includes comprehensive information for each opening. This project component proposes to assess backlog (pre-87) openings currently classified as Impeded. This can be achieved through various means. In relatively straightforward cases, an assessment by a professional forester might determine that there is sufficient information on file to recommend the reclassification of an area without additional fieldwork. In other cases a field reconnaissance may also be needed to confirm the file data. Where file data is less straightforward, older or incomplete, additional surveys or assessments may be required. Areas confirmed as Impeded during the assessment process may require field treatments such as site preparation, planting, or brushing to restore them to a productive state. This project component includes the following steps: • Compile remaining Impeded status report for Vanderhoof Forest District from Results Database • Review of existing opening file information (MoFR) by professional forester. • Assessment and recommendation by professional forester. • Recommendations reviewed by Regional Silviculture Specialist and District staff • Implement recommendations. b) Recover, Assess and Implement Backlog Silviculture Prescriptions During the previous Forest Renewal BC (FRBC) backlog silviculture program, numerous silviculture surveys and prescriptions were completed in order to initiate backlog silviculture treatments. Prescriptions (i.e. “Backlog Silviculture Prescriptions”, “Stand Treatment Prescriptions” and “Silviculture Treatment Prescriptions”) required the signature and seal of a Registered Professional Forester, and approval of a Ministry of Forests District Manager. The prescriptions captured valuable site information, knowledge and expertise, and represented a significant investment by the Province. Following the termination of the FRBC program however, many of the newer prescriptions were never acted upon due to a lack of project funding. Although these prescriptions may now require review and updating, most are recoverable and can be regarded as a valuable resource. This project component proposes to recover, assess and (if appropriate) implement previously completed backlog silviculture prescriptions. It includes the following steps: • Search, recover and review archived backlog silviculture program materials and databases from available FRBC files • Based on information from program materials and databases, recover backlog silviculture prescriptions from archived opening files. • Review and assessment of prescription by a Professional Forester. • Resubmit new prescription (if necessary) for District Manager approval. • Implement prescribed treatments.

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