Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
FIA Project Y073102

    Stand Management Growth and Yield Field Experiments in the BC Interior
Project lead: Brockley, Rob
Contributing Authors: Brockley, Robert P.; Sanborn, Paul T.; Johnstone, Wayne D.; Staffeldt, Peter; van Thienen, Frank J.
Imprint: [BC] : B.C. Ministry of Forests and Range, 2007
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Growth (Plants), Yield Analysis, British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
This project addresses the FIA Forest Science Program Theme 2.0 (Design and analysis of silvicultural systems), Topic 2.2 (Even-aged stands) within the Timber Growth and Value Program. The project is consistent with the priority research areas of 'assessment and analysis of ongoing fertilization experiments or trials' and 'high density stands'. The objectives of this research project are to document the impacts of a variety of harvesting and stand management treatments (partial cutting, thinning, fertilization) and regimes (planting and post-thinning density, fertilizer regimes) on the growth and development of interior forests. These objectives are being achieved through the scheduled re-measurement, analysis and reporting of an extensive network of previously established stand management research installations across a wide range of species, BEC zones, and stand conditions throughout the BC interior. These interior stand management installations (EPís) are a major source of treatment response estimates and growth and yield calibration/validation data for existing growth and yield models and estimation tools such as TASS and TIPSY. Outputs from these models are used to support timber supply analysis, silvicultural prescriptions, and investment decisions. The portfolio of active, long-term interior stand management experiments currently totals 77 individual field installations. Detailed descriptions of specific treatments, experimental designs, assessment schedules, species and BEC distribution are included in the 2004/05 FSP research proposal (Y051102). The majority of the funding requested for the continuation of this project in 2005/06 will be used for salaries, contracted labour, and expenses (field, laboratory) associated with the scheduled growth assessment of 17 stand management field installations. A small amount of funding will be used for salary, contractor, and travel expenses associated with the collection, preparation, and nutrient analysis of foliage samples from selected fertilization installations, and for formally publishing the results from previous growth assessments. Required maintenance activities (brushing, re-tagging) will be funded through the FSP Long Term Research Installation program (Project LTR1031 and LTR1033) (see Linkages). The specific activities to be undertaken in 2005/06 are as follows: 1. Undertake scheduled re-measurement of eleven (11) fertilization installations (EP 886.01). 2. Undertake scheduled re-measurement of one (1) pre-commerical thinning installation (EP 922). 3. Undertake scheduled re-measurement of five (5) planting density (espacement) installations (EP 964, 1181). 4. Undertake scheduled foliar sampling and nutrient analysis of two (2) fertilization installations (EP 886.01). 5. Prepare several deliverables (see Deliverables and Extension)
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