Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
FIA Project Y073101

    Effects of Intensive Fertilization on Timber and Non-Timber Resources
Project lead: Brockley, Rob
Contributing Authors: Brockley, Robert P.; Berch, Shannon M.; Simpson, David G.; Sanborn, Paul T.; Staffeldt, Peter; van Thienen, Frank J.; Fielder, Peter P.; Bealle Statland, Catherine A.
Imprint: [BC] : B.C. Ministry of Forests and Range, 2007
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Fertilization of Plants, British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
This project addresses the FIA Forest Science Program Theme 2.0 (Design and analysis of silvicultural systems), Topic 2.2 (Even-aged stands) within the Timber Growth and Value Program. The project is consistent with the priority research area of 'assessment and analysis of ongoing fertilization experiments or trials.' The objectives of this research project are to document the effects of various rates and frequencies of fertilization on the foliar nutrition, growth, and development of lodgepole pine and spruce managed forests, and to determine the effects of repeated fertilization on above- and below-ground timber and non-timber resources. Research activities will provide reliable estimates of potential productivity impacts of repeatedly fertilizing interior managed forests. By so doing, the extent to which 'high input' silviculture can potentially mitigate mid-term timber supply shortfalls and/or increase long- term harvest levels can be realistically evaluated. The project will also reduce uncertainty regarding the long-term effects of large nutrient additions on ecosystem function and processes. Research activities are being undertaken at eight previously established area-based 'maximum productivity' installations (5 Pl, 3 Sx) in the central and north-central BC interior within three major biogeoclimatic zones (SBS, ESSF, MS). Funding requested for the continuation of this project in 2005/06 will be used for salaries, contracted labour, and expenses (field, laboratory) associated with the scheduled assessment of growth, leaf area development, and soil physical and chemical characteristics. Funding will also be used for salary, contractor, and travel expenses associated with the collection and preparation of foliage samples. A small amount of funding will also be used to formally publish the results of previously completed ancillary projects undertaken at 'maximum productivity' sites. The scheduled foliar nutrient analysis and re-fertilization of field installations will be funded through the FSP Long Term Research Installation program (Project LTR1030) (see Linkages). The specific activities to be undertaken in 2005/06 are as follows: 1. Undertake scheduled remeasurement of three 'maximum productivity' installations 2. Undertake scheduled leaf area index measurements at seven 'maximum productivity' sites 3. Undertake scheduled re-fertilization, foliar sampling, and foliar nutrient analysis 4. Conduct comprehensive forest floor and mineral soil sampling at one study site (Kenneth Creek) in order to document the effects of repeated fertilization on soil physical and chemical properties. Soil sampling is scheduled to coincide with 12-year growth assessment. 5. Prepare several deliverables (see Deliverables and Extension)
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