Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
FIA Project Y073027

    The Effects of Riparian Harvesting on Fish Habitat and Ecology of Small Streams
Project lead: Rex, John
Contributing Authors: Rex, John F.; Beaudry, Pierre G.; MacIsaac, Erland A.
Imprint: [BC] : P. Beaudry & Associates Ltd.;, 2007
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
This project will improve stewardship of BCís forest resources by investigating and verifying new sustainable forest management practices for headwater streams. The project uses a sound adaptive management design spanning a range of sub-boreal forest types (SBS vk, SBS wk1, and SBS dw2) in the north-central BC interior to provide an ecologically comprehensive evaluation of the functions of small headwater streams and their riparian zones. A comprehensive extension component and industry-government partnership will ensure results are directly transferred to the forest industry, forest professionals, and regulatory agencies. The Forest Science Board Sustainability Program Recommended Research Topics for 2005/06 that will be addressed is the riparian ecology and management of small streams. In particular the project will address knowledge gaps by assessing: ? The sensitivity of small stream ecosystems to variable retention management strategies using a before-after-control-impact paired study design. Within each of the three study areas (Bowron, Chuchinka, and Tagai) control and treatment areas were established. All treatment areas were harvested by the fall of 2004 in accordance with the alternative riparian management strategy described in the Prince George District Managerís Policy (1999). Stream conditions were assessed for 2 years prior to operational harvesting and will be compared with post-treatment conditions by evaluating changes in water quality (turbidity, water chemistry and nutrients); channel morphology (erosion sources, substrates and woody debris); and stream biology ( (benthic macro-invertebrates and periphyton accrual), ? Biodiversity value of the riparian zones of small streams (stream temperatures, litterfall, canopy cover, riparian stand composition). ? Significance of small streams as sources of material and energy to downstream reaches by monitoring the downstream export of nutrients, organic matter, and benthic macro-invertebrates.
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Contact: Rex, John, (250) 565-6100,


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