Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
FIA Project Y071012

    Complex stands research and management conference: speaker abstracts
Project lead: Kriese, Kevin
Imprint:  Bulkely Valley Centre for Natural Resources Research and Management, 2007
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Forest Management, British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
For the past 15 years, a research team led by Dr. Dave Coates has been undertaking research on the ecology and succession of complex stands in northern British Columbia. This research program has included the development of a stand level model now called SORTIE ND, which is specifically designed to model complex stands, and can fill a void in the models that are currently available in British Columbia today. SORTIE is an award winning model, originally developed as a small-scale disturbance successional model of forest dynamics for mixed forests in eastern North America (Pacala et al. 1996). The model has been upgraded/parameterized by the BC SORTIE research group for interior cedar-hemlock forests in northern BC (Kobe and Coates 1997, Wright et al. 1998, 2000, Canham et al. 1999, 2004 LePage et al. 2000, Coates et al. 2003) and for juvenile and adult tree growth in sub-boreal forests (ongoing studies). The Forest Sciences Program has funded three studies to the BV Research Centre that will fill major gaps on our current knowledge of the dynamics of complex stands in British Columbia. Regeneration and Stand Structure following Mountain Pine Beetle infestation in the sub-boreal spruce zone; Regeneration and Stand Structure in Stands in the East Ootsa and Entiako Areas after Infestation by Mountain Pine Beetles; and Improving juvenile tree growth prediction for complex Mountain Pine Beetle damaged stands. Several other research projects are underway in British Columbia with respect to complex stands, several of which use SORTIE ND as a research tool (e.g., Predicting development and productivity of southern interior mixed species stands through calibration and modelling with SORTIE, Suzanne Simard). These complementary research products are now resulting in a significant new body of knowledge about the ecology and succession of complex stands. SORTIE ND is also now ready to move beyond use as a research tool into broader use by forest managers. As an example of this, the Chief Forester has recently commissioned Dr. Coates, in cooperation with the BV Research Centre, to undertake a project that uses the results of this research on complex stands to explore the implications of alternative forest management strategies on mid-term timber supply in areas affected by Mountain Pine Beetle To this point, extension of the results of these projects has been targeted at the partners, managers, and consultants who are actively involved in the primary study area including the Ministry of Forests and Range, local forest companies, and consultants. The potential audience for this research is much larger. The Purpose of this project is to undertake three extension activities so that forest managers are introduced to, and can apply, advancements in knowledge regarding management of complex stands. This will occur through: A two day conference on complex stand management; A two day technical session to introduce the application of SORTIE ND for modelling complex stands; and A conference proceedings.

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