Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
FIA Project 2538068

    Prince George timber supply area: preparation for Canadian standards association forest certification scenario design and indicator/measure forecasting for the Prince George defined forest area draft base case
Project lead: Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
Author: Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd.
Imprint: North Vancouver, BC : Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd., 2007
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Sustainable Forest Management
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (Canfor), other Forest Licensees in the Prince George timber supply area (TSA) and BC Timber Sales, have developed Sustainable Forest Management Plans (SFMPs) for the Prince George, Vanderhoof and Fort St. James Forest Districts. These plans guide operational planning in what are called Defined Forest Areas (DFAs). They also support certification initiatives and demonstrate the sustainability of timber supply decisions. Public involvement over the past several years has helped develop SFM indicators and targets unique to the individual DFAs. Many of these indicators now need to be spatially and temporally forecast over the whole TSA to analyze the expected influence of management strategies on them at a more strategic level. This project used a set of indicators selected from the three SFM Plans in the Prince George TSA. They were selected on the basis of their broad applicability and modeling potential. Scenarios include a base case attempting to model current forest management in the TSA. Others consist of several MPB related scenarios testing the MPB impacts on biodiversity and other objectives. This report contains the overview of data inputs, assumptions, baseline values, results and interpretations for all completed scenarios for the Prince George TSA.
a project submitted by: Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd.


Indicator Forecasting for the Prince George Timber Supply Area (1.4Mb)

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Updated August 16, 2010 

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