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Establishment of a native grass seed industry for the west coast of British Columbia: final report 1996-2006

Author(s): Vaartnou, Manivalde
Imprint: Richmond, B.C. : M. Vaartnou & Associates, 2006
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Non-timber forest products, Economic aspects, British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program


Since the 1970ís, the use of native plants has often been suggested as a potential answer to problems associated with re-vegetation of disturbed areas. However, native seed for large-scale reclamation purposes has neither been available in sufficient quantity, nor at a reasonable price. Thus, from April, 1996 to March, 2001, Forest Renewal British Columbia provided the funding for this long-term applied research program to determine the utility of native Vancouver Island grasses in restoration of disturbed areas, and ultimately provide a source of native grass seed for use on Vancouver Island and the adjacent mainland coast. Subsequently, funding to continue the program has been provided by the BC Ministry of Forests, TimberWest Forest Ltd., Canadian Forest Products Ltd., Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd., International Forest Products Ltd., Cascadia Forest Products Ltd., and Western Forest Products Inc. Funding for the 2005/06 fiscal year was provided by the latter three companies. The private sector funding from 2001 to 2005 has been a transfer of funds from the provincial Forest Investment Account. This report is the annual progress report for the 2005/06 fiscal year, and the summary report for the entire ten-year program. The report describes the activities undertaken from March 1, 1996 to February 28, 2006. These consisted of fill planting, maintenance and seed harvesting at the Seed Increase Nursery; evaluation of the existing trial plots which had not been previously evaluated for five years; assessment, maintenance and harvesting of the Seed Production plots; cleaning and weighing the seed harvested from the Nursery and Seed Production plots; and various extension activities. As the program was in its final year, no new trial, demonstration or operational sites were established in 2005. In previous years biometric analysis of ground cover production from the replicated trial sites indicated that native grasses produced cover comparable to that produced by introduced, agronomic grasses on the control plots. This was the case throughout the program. Results from the unreplicated demonstration sites were also very strong throughout the life of the program, while the final evaluation, in 2005, of the more recently established operational sites, again indicated that these continued to be the most successful of all sites in the program.
prepared by Manivalde Vaartnou.

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Updated August 02, 2006 

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