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Abstract of FIA Project 4527012

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Pine mushroom map verification project for the West Chilcotin

Author(s): Bravi, Becky; Chapman, Bill
Imprint: Williams Lake, B.C. : Yun Ka Whu'ten Holdings Ltd., 2006
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Mushroom Culture, British Columbia, Non-timber forest products
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program


This report presents the findings of a pine mushroom (Tricholoma magnivelare) habitat map verification project implemented in the West Chilcotin. The predictive pine mushroom habitat map was developed in 2003 for the area covered by the Itcha/Ilgachuz and Charlotte Alplands Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping. The map was intended for use in; landscape planning, pine mushroom management and pine mushroom habitat modelling. Determining the reliability/accuracy of the map to predict pine mushroom presence is therefore important. A total of 3062 polygons were mapped as suitable for pine mushroom habitat. Field assessment of 40 polygons was completed and analysed for this report. Of the 40 polygons surveyed, 29 or 72.5% were compliant with attributes identified as required for pine mushroom habitat. Using a binomial distribution with a 72.5% acceptance rate, the 90% confidence limits were 59% to 83% or roughly 24 to 33 out of 40. The 72.5% acceptance rate is useful as an initial indicator of the probability of the presence of pine mushroom and would be useful for broader level planning exercises. For site specific situations the map should be supplemented with ground-truthing or other data sources. The utility of the map would not be greatly altered unless it was found to be significantly more accurate, say in excess of 90%, or significantly less accurate, say less than 50%. Neither one of these scenarios is very likely. Nevertheless, it would be prudent to conduct another sample to confirm that the acceptance rate truly does fall within the indicated range.
prepared by Becky Bravi and Bill Chapman.

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Updated August 02, 2006 

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