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FIA Project Y051074

    Framework for landscape analysis of habitat supply and effects on populations of the Northern Spotted Owl in BC:
Contributing Authors: Sutherland, Glenn D.; O'Brien, Daniel T.; Fall, S. Andrew; Waterhouse, F. Louise; Harestad, Alton S.; Buchanan, Joseph B.
Imprint: Nanaimo, B.C. : Ministry of Forests, 2005
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Northern spotted owl, British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
The Northern Spotted Owl (SPOW) is an endangered subspecies in Canada facing extirpation from British Columbia. The multi-stakeholder Canadian Northern Spotted Owl Recovery Team (CSORT) is currently developing a 'Recovery Plan' under the Federal Species at Risk Act (SARA). One of the research tools the CSORT used to assist them in developing their plan is a strategic1, spatially explicit SPOW habitat dynamics (supply) modelling framework that includes an individual-based SPOW population model and a spatial timber supply model. For any given landscape management scenario, models incorporated in the framework produce indicators to assess owl habitat supply and population recovery as well as timber volumes harvested. Timber supply indicators from the model are used to gauge socio-economic impacts associated with recovery planning. In addition, these models support testing of hypotheses regarding assumptions of landscape habitat requirements of the owl and population augmentation. This document outlines the framework and results of the FSP research project (FSP -Y051074) that supported development of the component models, sensitivity analyses and assessment of options for sustaining and possible recovery of the owl.
Louise Waterhouse.
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Technical Report Number 38

Updated August 16, 2010 

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