Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
FIA Project Y051077

    Forest management on alluvial and colluvial fans
Contributing Authors: Wilford, David J.; Sakals, Matt E.; Innes, John L.; Cherubini, P.
Imprint: [Victoria], B.C. [B.C. Ministry of Forests, Research Branch], 2005
Subject: Dendrochronology, Forest Investment Account (FIA), Alluvial Fans
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
A hazard classification scheme for identifying hydrogeomorphic hazards for forest management on fans was developed over the period 2000-2004 in west central British Columbia. The scheme involves predictive hazard models, aerial photographic features, site features, and management recommendations. The scheme is based on sampling of 65 fans: 10 in a natural state and 55 with some degree of forest management on the fan (the associated watersheds did not have forestry activity). During 2003-2004 the predictive models were tested on 51 randomly selected fans in the Bulkley Timber Supply Area, and reconnaissance sampling in other areas of the province was undertaken to determine the applicability of the scheme. The objective during 2004-2005 was to undertake extension and produce publications for forest practitioners and the scientific community.
D.J. Wilford, M.E. Sakals, and J.L. Innes.


Final Technical Report (18Kb)
Land Management Handbook 57
Land Management Handbook 58

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