Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
FII Project R04-066

    Density management to improve growth, yield and quality of paper birch stands in interior BC: FII forest research program 2003/04 annual progress report
Author: Simard, Suzanne W.
Imprint: Vancouver, B.C. : University of British Columbia, 2004
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Betula Papyrifera, Ecology
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program
Paper birch is an important, but often overlooked, component of interior wet belt forests. This valuable tree species is often eradicated or underutilized because it is considered a competitor with favoured commercial conifers, and because it is often too old or too scattered for profitable harvest. To ensure better future utilization of this resource, we are conducting research leading to development of young stand density management tools and prescriptions. We think that proper management of paper birch stands when they are young and vigorous can lead to a future viable paper birch harvest in interior British Columbia. In this project, we completed our investigation of 12-year growth, yield and mortality responses of paper birch to thinning treatments that were applied on four sites in 1991. This included data entry and cleaning, data analysis, preparation of a journal article, and preparation of an extension note. We also collected paper birch data for parameterizing the spatially explicit stand dynamics model, SORTIE-BC, for southern interior paper birch stands so that we could predict the effects of various management strategies on paper birch stand development. We parameterized the model, and then used it to test the effect of edge distance and edge aspect on paper birch regeneration, and compared the results against the empirical data presented in Heineman et al. (2002).
Suzanne Simard.


Annual Progress Report (81Kb)

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